NFL superstar Wilson will take his wife to China

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This summer for Chinese football fans are memorable, shortly before NFL, the first person in history Chinese Brady announced that it will open the line, and today, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson masters in social media announced that he and his wife Ciara to Chinese, they will visit Beijing and Shanghai two city. In the summer, it would be a great blessing for fans to be lucky enough to see two NFL superstars.

As of 2012 Wilson rookie, just 5 years of occupation career has made numerous glory, 180cm in height at quarterback obviously not good enough, the 75 place in his career two years ago is perfect, in the first season career he was named in the second year occupation bowl, beat the famous Manning won the Super Bowl champion, third years once again enter the super bowl, but because he sent steals regret not defending.

As one of the few black quarterback in the league, Wilson is excellent in physical fitness, not only playing rugby, but also being selected by MLB (MLB) for two times. Just 5 seasons, Wilson has achieved 56 victories, winning percentage as high as 67.1%, but also the most active is possible to catch up with the number of wins the quarterback brady. He was able to run and pass, bringing new concepts to the quarterback.

His wife, Ciara, is an American singer, actress, and fashion model. Ciara signed with LaFace records, a well known female artist, sold more than 7 million albums around the world, with more than ten top hits. Her outstanding presence with Wilson in China is bound to attract legions of fans.

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There is little rookie can 100 star List Ranking so on after a season like Tyreke Hill in the university had domestic violence tainted, graduated from the University of West Alabama this unknown primary school, was selected in the fifth round of the season to take over the basic must in order to stay in the team fight, but Hill’s talent is too high, his speed is on the season all the players the most surprising, in the emirate of Kansas as back into the hands of Hill, shine in the game against the Denver broncos, rushed the ball he completed a 86 yard kickoff return and a 3 yard touchdown and a 3 yard touchdown catch record, as Hill took over, can be used as a rolling speed, thrust ball task he can return more take charge as chief of, Hily is famous for, Last season he had the ball 593 yards and 6 touchdowns, 267 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns, and 384 kickoff return yards and 1 touchdowns and 592 punt return yards and 2 touchdowns, 2016 punt return Mawang, he also to return the identity of the selected hand when the season first team.

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