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The chief was a major accident, safety first in the league season due to injury.

Originally opening day win the defending champion new England patriots is an excellent condition for the Kansas City Chiefs, but the two teams battle to cause some indelible shadow, the defense core Eric Kansas City Chiefs Berri in the game to leave so many fans an ankle injury chief heaving uneasy, the results broke the news today Eric, Berri because of a torn Achilles tendon will determine the season, it will be a devastating news for the Emirates, can be said to lose Berri, Emirates team defense line strength will drop more than one grade.

Now the season for Berri to bring the enormous influence, chief not only that, the above mentioned another NFL top defensive guard Marcus Peters also appears in the game against the Patriots were injured, he sat on the sidelines in the fourth period long time, finally on the bench and watched the match, Peters seems to be. Some are not the media broke the news of the small wound, even though it may not be a problem, probably only be absent in next week’s training at the Emirates, missed a game.

Although the opening game of the Emirates win, but Berri claims with Peters’s injury makes small chieftain future clouds, and the new England patriots here is very painful, the core line, Wei East Tower – Heitor in the fourth quarter left knee injury defense, he has no detailed message at present; and the Patriots wide receiver Danny – Oman Dora in the second half of head injury, may have a concussion, he helped the Patriots win before the end of 100 yards.

It was a very cruel game and it was sad that so many players were injured, and I hope every player will stay healthy.

Superstar superstar is expected to win or will be suspended

The Dallas Cowboys headed Paowei Ezekiel Elliot once again boarded the major U.S. sports news headlines, domestic violence door cases have made new progress, the United States Supreme Court announced a ban on the implementation of the Elliot 6 game ban.

Earlier, NFL conducted a year long investigation into allegations of domestic violence by Elliot, who eventually identified the victim as his ex girlfriend and was attacked by him. In August 11th, NFL President Roger Goodell announced Elliot in the penalty suspended for six games in June last year, the implementation of domestic violence to his girlfriend, the team left view. After hearing this, Elliot said he would not accept the punishment of the alliance and appealed. So far, a month has passed, and Elliot’s appeal has won a “phased victory”, and the court ordered the coalition to stop Elliot’s punishment.

In a statement Friday evening, Elliot said: “we are pleased that Mr. Elliot has finally had the opportunity to have a fair decision-maker carefully examine the misconduct of the NFL coalition.”! But this is only the beginning of the league’s handling of Elliot’s mistakes!” NFL responded “we disagree with the court’s view, we firmly believe that the investigation and evidence NFL jerseys news supported by our final decision (suspended for 6 games), the whole process is strict in demands and fair.” The two sides had a terrible quarrel.

In response, Elliot himself posted a video on the social network. The title was: “mom told me to stand up if I fell down.”.” Dallas cowboy official website also expressed its views on the matter, think the current lack of transparency NFL, punishment unfair, it seems that all parties are active for the rescue efforts.

But the case is not the final judgement, the judge did not make a judgment on whether Elliot is against domestic violence, his ruling coalition ticket out of the lack of basic justice, therefore, still take advantage of the alliance. It is understood that, right now, is planning to sue again in the federal court of New York, the mandatory suspension of Elliot.

The reason is because they have union chatter without stop when the thunder rice suffered domestic violence cases by NFL’s jerseys china improper treatment caused a very bad social influence, let the alliance thoroughly discredited. The so-called once bitten twice shy of ten years, they have to a similar situation and strive to the end in court, to convey to the world and a view of “if you hit a woman, your NFL career will eventually suffer serious damage.”
Anyway, the Cowboys can claim to have won the biggest victory of the season.

Elliot as a rookie last year out of 1631 yards, 15 touchdowns, helping the Cowboys win 13 wins and 3 losses record topped the League of nations at the top, there is no doubt that cowboys Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper, he’s even suspended shadow Cowboys won Super Bowl odds, all Gambling company have been suspended for 6 from long when the 1 / 15 down to 1. 12. The verdict will benefit the Cowboys this season, as far as the future is concerned Better watch the present.

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