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In the blink of an eye, NFL’s 16 regular season has passed by 1/4. The game lasted for the fourth week, with 4-0 chiefs and 0-4 teams. Next, let’s take a look at what players or groups who perform well in the fourth week, who can’t help but vomit. The following is the fourth issue of the NFL red and black list!


Kansas City Chiefs jerseys online

Tuesday morning Beijing time, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Washington Redskins season scored four game winning streak, become the league so far only an unbeaten team. Despite just 1/4 seasons, the new season, the toughness of the Emirates, but the whole NFL rare. The face of Washington’s red coat, the chief is not easy to play. From 0-10 behind, the chief tied the score to 17:17 into the fourth quarter, and then tied at 20:20. The last time Alex Smith came a long pass, the team played in the hand of lore kick, chief of the lead to 23:20. The team got the ball at the last minute and got it, and finally won the game with 29:20. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith from 293 yards, a touchdown.

Although many people do not optimistic about before the start of the season, the chiefs still has defeated the enemy, the four game winning streak. The question now is, which team can stop the chief from moving forward?

Todd Gly Losangeles rams – run guard

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati tigers quarterback

Since last week against the Green Bay Packers state slightly warmer this week, Andy Dalton finally hit a fully and delightfully match. Dalton in the face of the tigers taking Cleveland Brown in the game, 30 to 25 (83.3%), get up to 146 of the score, led the team to a 31:7 victory over the opponent. Dalton got 286 yards and 4 touchdown in the match. The team, after a long 0-3 start, finally won the season’s first victory.

Black list

New England patriots defense team jerseys china

The retired patriots have been favourites to win in the offseason. The operation in the offseason, heavily checkin cornerback Gilmore Bill, left the array starting cornerback Malcolm Butler, signed the main jet linebacker Davies. However, since the start of the campaign, the Patriots’ defensive team has really struggled. The weakest point in the league, averaging 30 points or more opponents. Before the start of the season, if you ask about this possible team, what would you think of Cleveland, Brown, Jacksonville Jaguars? In the fourth round of the match against Panthers, the Patriots defensive team sent Newton 314 yards, three touchdown, and a running touchdown. Well, by the way, Newton’s passing rate has reached 75.9% this game, the best since seventeenth weeks in 2015 (after 22 games). Even if Brady is still in the fourth quarter to catch the score 30:30, Patriot defense in the last moment is still over a three minute free kick, victory will be handed over to the panther.

Considering the sea Amoy, just east of the return from injury, the Patriots defensive line rushed pass nike jerseys weak performance may be improved. The second line is even worse. In the game, the Panthers took over easily ran out of space. Does communication occur? The problem should be more than that.

The start of NFL so far has been around, and for the team, to get playoff tickets, become difficult in the hard. By the fourth week, the entire NFL32 team, Cleveland Brown, Losangeles, New York and San Francisco giant lightning, 49 people are still hard to find a win. Four teams, the giants lost a home, 49 people, lightning and Brown lost two.

When will the four teams win the first season of the season?

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