NFL preseason third week injury summary

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In addition to the third weeks of the latest injuries, injuries to key players injured two weeks before the season were also updated:


NFL preseason injuries in second weeks already the storm struck, New York giants headed wide receiver (small) – Odell Beckham suffered a sprained ankle, still unable to determine whether the team in the opening game of the new season debut. Unfortunately, this cruel storm has intensified in the third week. ESPN columnist Kevin Seifert inventory of these preseason third weeks of key players.

Julian – Egypt, Del, new England patriots, take over

Torn right anterior cruciate ligament

Injuries: Tom Brady the past four seasons, most rely on foreign – Julian Edelman will be absent over the new England patriots of the new season in all competitions. U.S. local time on Friday night against the Detroit lions in the game, Edelman in a successful ball advancing step awkwardly at Ford arena turf, leading to his right knee anterior cruciate ligament tear. Fortunately, the Patriots took over this position in a galaxy of talents: Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Brandon Cox and Malcolm Micheerdou can participate in more offensive team in the new season. Since the 2013 season, Tom Brady and Edelman completed a total of 195 times the first file connection, this data is not only the first team in the patriot, is ranked twelfth all over the same period NFL. The new season, the first pass selection Brady’s fans look worth.

Taylor de Taylor buffalo quarterback Bill

Injuries: the NFL alliance’s brain surveillance and protection rules vary from person to person, so no one is sure when Taylor will be able to return to the stadium on tests. On Saturday night in the preseason, the buffalo quarterback Bill was sacked in the back of his head, heavy ground. Due to concussion injury is complex, many of the recent cases, players have appeared for several weeks or even months. Therefore, Taylor is still undecided. For now, from the University of Pittsburgh’s 5 round pick Nathan Pittman will substitute Taylor vacancies.

Spencer – will, Kansas chiefs run guard

Injuries: early diagnosis of the injury had let the chiefs optimistic that will be able to return to the stadium in mid season, however, injuries after more detailed analysis, the team announced on Sunday will or will undergo surgery for the season. Will was injured in a catch on Friday night. Graduated from University Yutuolaiduo round rookie Kareem – Hunter will become the best person will replace.

Brice Patti, New York jet quarterback

Injury situation: Patti will not be absent for too long, and will be able to catch up with the jet team’s preseason game on Thursday night. Because the medial collateral ligament injury usually takes a long time to recover, so Patti’s injury can be said to be lucky. The latest news is that Patti’s thigh still can not bear the force, the left knee condition is not stable. In any case, this injury let Patti completely lost opportunity with Josh McCain and Christian Haken Berg for the team starting quarterback.

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