NFL pay 20 times in 3 years

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Jaguar star guard and extension

The United States time on Wednesday night, Jacksonville every Friday announced the renewal of star linebacker Teerwen – Smith, the new contract for 4 years fifty million. Currently, Smith is in the last year of rookie contract. In the four year contract signed in 2014, the total value was only 2 million 430 thousand, ensuring that wages were pitifully poor by 210 thousand.

As of seventh weeks, Smith is now taking 58 sackin puma defense leading group, and another two steals, a manufacturing and a picked up off the ball off the ball.

Puma Tom – executive vice president Smith Coughlin said, as an important part of the team’s defense team, with excellent performance to win his second contract. The team hopes to prove to the rest of the players through the big contract that the team will recognize the players’ performance and reward them.

In the 55 games since Smith’s career, he has only missed two games, starting 47 games. Completed 408 runs in less than four seasons, ranking second in the history of the team. At the same time, he earns six copies, two of which are completed.

Smith said that the team’s decision to thank, representing the Jaguar play is his honor, hoping to lead the team to victory.

Smith is the Jaguar team, the second player to be added to the 2014 level. Center Brandon Liddell was worth fifty-seven million in the pre-season training camp this year (twenty-four million guaranteed amount) five year contract, league history, the highest revenue center.

Although Allen, Robinson, was the recipient of the season’s knee injury at the start of the season, he was still the prime target for the remainder of the contract that was due to expire. In addition, wide receiver Mazis Lee, cornerback Aaron Ke Erwen’s contract will expire this season.

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