NFL opener tomorrow struck!

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Defending champion patriots face chief

The opening battle, the 5 big battles between life and death. Patriots, 100 ways to get rid of the chief

NFL history of the ninety-eighth season will be in Beijing in September eight Japan Friday morning kicked off the fifth season opener as the defending champion to patriots history, the previous four patriots victory, 9.8 points averaging margin of victory, and this time at home court, any team visiting is substantially equal to a close call. But this is a challenge for the last four years to win 43 regular season games, three playoff four years into the chief of the Patriots will be how to welcome friends from Kansas City Chiefs, and escaped, the following is my defense deduction:

Emirates, road attack, vs, patriot, road defense


let the body if the strong defensive tackle Laurence Gaye will become the first defensive end, front showdown Emirates is likely to be defeated.
Another big bad news! Before the season, the chief of the Emirates run Spencer – Weil, hurt the cruciate ligament, it takes a long time to cultivate, what does that mean? When the off-season let the main star run perennial chief Wei Jie, Charles Marr, has now suffered a shortage of running back,.

must let the rookie Kareem – Hunter assume responsibility, boys have a plenty of game time at the University of Toledo, also have to assume full time running back experience, but it seems from the preseason, enter occupation arena Hunter lost speed advantage, and will make a lot of rookie mistakes, such as poor vision, wrong judgment to punch the ball path and so on, and don’t forget, the Patriot has Tangta – Hightower as players guarding the road, Hunter wanted to escape the palm of his hand is not easy. In conclusion, if Andy Reed is half a month ago imagined to reduce road delay, Brady’s debut, due to a series of unexpected factors, is substantially equal to the mengsui.

Patriot road attack, vs chiefs, road defense

When the team’s defensive line, core – wave peak tower defense defense chiefs will leave, the road was broken into tofu? In fact, not really. First of all the chiefs from the League of nations “AIA signed” the eagle there very burly Logan Benny to fill the vacancy on the road, 178 season Logan scored 16 times against nike jerseys china running anti run stopped, while the East Tower 297 – wave file anti run only 14 times, the efficiency of Logan victory. In addition, the Emirates added 310 pounds of Roy Miller, and young Chris – Jones – Nunes – Roches and rakim last season’s anti run stop rate is the League top 30, and finally Justin Houston in a full blood state of the start of the new season, personally think that the chief of the bottom seventh of the League last season against run, this season is certainly raised more than one grade.

Last season the Patriots running back group rushed the ball breakthrough grapple times: Gillis Leigh played Bill 14 times, Duhem – Lewis 8, James White 6 times, and the chief of the star inside guard Derek Johnson last season there were 14 missed tackle. Whether through a small patriots running back extracting breakthrough grapple blaze size, and the chief inside linebacker inhibits size run, will be the key point of this group of road showdown. It is a chief of defense Kuanxin, from last season, the Patriots Paowei dwarf does not seem very good at group number run.

Emirates pass, attack, vs, patriot, pass, defense

As mentioned above, the chief offensive front cover is more than the road, pass protection, the protection of the offensive front pass has the third highest League success rate, two tackles Eric Fisher and Mitchell Schwartz are in the peak period, this is a relatively robust front attack. The Patriot side, Berlusconi trading Yili, the team almost only Trevor flowers such a stable red point, plus a patriot and not crazy with linebacker raids, personally think that Arrakis Smith would pass in a relatively comfortable environment.



Aigo simply has one hundred kinds of methods, fix the chief in Foxborough, although not the winter snow mountain temple nike nfl jerseys online, but the strong atmosphere can overwhelm the chief personal prediction patriots win easily, the difference of around 10.

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