The curtain for nfl new season is to start

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5. Jay Cutler went to mentor

The development of modern football today, sometimes move or rely on nepotism.

With Ryan Hill Tenney match reports, the dolphins quarterback position vacant, coach Adam Hess make a prompt decision within 72 hours, quickly fix the former love Jay Cutler, and gave him the highest $13 million contract respect.
Adam is known to be good at training Gus League quarterback, Cutler is one of his best works, Jay Cutler took the dolphins quarterback banner, the shotgun he was used to Adam – Gus or gun array, to gain a foothold in the alliance, Cadete’s special skills are strong arm, others hard Hylonoma the effort to throw a 40 yard pass, he can be as easy as blowing off dust sent 50 yards and accurately find wide receiver.

Joining dolphins at this time is not only a reward for the teacher, but also for life, and for their own name.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers hold “3B”

The Steelers to keep Antonio Brown is under the original capital, 4 year $64 million contract with a direct hit on the face, enough to let Brown become the richest among the receivers. Antonio Brown will be the Steelers club until 2021, an average annual salary of $17 million or even more than a lot of the team’s star quarterback alliance.

Another team headed figure leviant – Baer, was also the Steelers franchise sign remained, although Baer has been to stop training until September 1st, but the team should clearly consider his salary cap down standards, especially just hit under the case of Brown. But the Steelers is finally on his “three carriages” preservation, 2017 season to see “3B” to dash about in a battlefield.

2. the great returned home, and Aus Ville returned to the wild horse

If you want to buy special offer tickets, the best choice in two ways: one is ahead of many days to buy, cheap mlb jerseys when the market price is not up; two is to wait until the last day to buy, sell do not go out because the airlines have hit the hands. This summer, the wild horse was on the last day of the bargain ticket, and I said, brother, you can count it back……

The 72 million cavalry had spent 4 years in opposition, then to Texas, after Dezhou played a “nightmare” of the season, Brown was traded to Cleveland quickly. Unexpectedly, he even the league’s worst team girders are not pick up, but was a young guy robbed the main. Brown left a “mud can not help the wall” after, Aus Ville career again. But everything is like the idea of the idol drama, the Broncos shot and sign back vhailor oswald. You are young when you leave, and you are rich when you return.

1. – Kell Shanahan official in San Francisco

If you can name that move to bring the team back to life, look at 49 people in San Francisco.

The falcons offensive team coach Kell Shanahan said but is the most wanted on the market manager, although the season is not at the end of each team and scandals, but finally joined his father once worked in San Francisco where 49 people.

Some people say that this is the 37 year old little Shanahandi at a time when coach lack of experience. But think carefully, now a small attack Shanahan like his father, and in line with the trend of the times, the falcons last season, the league’s highest scoring offensive team, helping the team successfully into the super bowl, Shanahandang in tougong. Through the preseason, he has achieved initial results in the transformation of 49 people, 4 games scored 95 points, equivalent to the sum of pirates and falcons.

Shanahan’s personal ability in all classes of authors of the director, attacked a dazzling can rapidly enhance the team’s wholesale mlb jerseys combat power is. As for defence, that’s the job of the defensive coach. Let’s save San Francisco’s dismal box office first!

Submitted to the list of pressure sentry day, so vigorous come, and vigorous go. Families are pushing a truck carrying out special offer supermarket leaflets put up in various shelves, panic buying goods they needed a moment ago everyone wants to catch off at the supermarket door Kacha, some cheap grab hand said, some people got the long-awaited shill slobber even. People sit at the door waiting to send the remaining free clearance……

In short, this time of year is a few happy tears, last night was over, the new season will begin.

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