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The 2011 NFL draft is a galaxy of talents nfl jerseys authentic on both ends of the defense headlines by Feng – Miller, Marcel – Daley Maher J and Smith et al occupy erdeng. Watt in the first round of eleventh was selected by the Houston people in Dezhou, before he was selected in the 10 people, there are 7 people have become their own team’s star. Nevertheless, if the previous ten teams can foresee Watt in the next to be able to achieve so much success, I am afraid they are all willing to give up their original choice, instead of Watt.


At this time the Dezhou team already had Mario Williams and Antonio Smith – the two main defensive ends, but also in Watt’s rookie season gave him the main position, at the same time for the super Mario to play outside linebacker. At this time, Dezhou’s defense team leader is to help the Denver Mustang won the Super Bowl champion defensive master Wade – Phillips. Under his guidance, Watt played in all 16 games out of 5.5 sacks and 4 pass break, although the stunning in the team than other defense chiefs of the data, but also to the team nfl game jerseys made no small contribution to the people of Dezhou in the construction team for the first time in tenth years in the playoffs, but lost to the match in the division Baltimore team crow. Watt in the playoffs two a total of 4 sacks and 1 steals, gave a touchdown return.

The rookie season has turned out to be one of the more than a year of earth that has been so far. In the 2012 season, he played one of the best defensive players of the season. In September the start of the 4 game, he got 6.5 sacks. At the end of the 11, against the Detroit lions in the game, he got his first career single game occupation 3 sack game, ahead of the 5 field to break the Dezhou team history single season sacks record. Fifteenth weeks in the face of Indianapolis pony, he again scored 3 sacks. The final 16 games he got 20.5 sacks 4 times to make out the ball, 16 ball break. He won 50 votes in the best defensive player of the season.

Defensive end is probably the most difficult to maintain the position of the top state, Watt in the 2013 season, compared with the previous year slightly decline, but compared to the other team, Watt is still the number one star. This year, Dezhou lost its main line guard Connor balbin in defense, the offensive end even though there is a wide receiver Andrea de Hopki, but quarterback Matt Schaub showed a serious decline, his replacement Keith Qinamu no convincing. The people of Dezhou the previous year division champion turned into a 2 – 14 team, in this team, 10.5 sacks Watt dropped the ball 4 times to make the 7 break pass has been difficult.

Before the start of the 2014 season, Dezhou people with rookie contract two years early, the contract was renewed for $6, $100 million, of which $52 million protection. This contract made him the highest paid non League quarterback at the time. Even so, the fact that the wage, or the Dezhou side. This year, Watt also made the aliens appear the same in Fourteenth weeks and seventeenth weeks, he has two single game 3 sacks. In sixteenth weeks, Watt got fifty-fourth career sacks, only 4 years of Dezhou broke the record in team history. The final 16 games 20.5 sacks 4 times to make the 10 break off the ball pass, 1 steals return touchdown, 5 times of picking up the ball 1 times return touchdown. This made him the history of the NFL has only a two single season 20 sacks (single player season 20 sacks a total of only 11 people), again easily won defensive player of the year award. In addition, Dezhou people also made a number of flexible use of him, let him as a short code near the end of the debut, he was the 3 time to catch all the pass, the 3 have completed the array. It also made him the first time since the Super Bowl 5 single season touchdown defensive players. In this year’s MVP selection, Watts got 13 votes, after the final winner Aaron – Rodgers, cheap nfl jerseys china in the year ranked second. This is also since 1999 MVP votes reduced to 50, defensive team players get the most votes.

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