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Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay looks on during a week 9 NFL football against the New York Giants on Sunday,

Macwhite build ram tanks

In NFL, every season, the team’s rookie is popular, because these people often entrusted with the team in the future several years of hope, a new high Shun people is likely to directly affect the team’s performance this season, such as this year’s Dezhou four rookie quarterback Sean de Watson, or chief running back Kareem Hunter. And often neglected by the coach group replacement, in fact, for NFL such a high level of League is more important. The following is the observation of the 6 rookie coaches of the season.

Shane McVeigh, Los Angeles Rams jerseys record win 6 2 negative

McVey’s performance as a ram coach is almost impeccable. One of the most striking is his choice of attack. In the previous two seasons, RAM scored the lowest in the number of offensive yards, and this year, under his command, the ram attack team was unstoppable like a heavy truck running at high speed. Poor performance last year – GF has completed the quarterback Jia Reid 2030 yards passing, 13 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, although this figure can not be called elite quarterback, but also meet the needs of a good performance should be the second grade. Running back Todd – complete Karli for 686 yards, 7 touchdowns, to prove he is still an elite running back. Other players, whether attacking or outside, regain their rhythm under his guidance.

If you really want to find his shortcomings, McVeigh in choosing to use time outs to some too anxious, always early spent suspended, but the secret service coordinator John fassel said in advance is often suspended McVeigh to stop those who let him dissatisfied formation. In addition, macwhite sometimes in defensive play group plans to attack and give up on defense command, but it is also because the team with good defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, so this is not what big problem. Now it seems that McVey is a very good team leader, the design can be very clear and convey their tactical intention, players will unite, if he can keep the current state, he is likely to change the team culture.

Sean McDermott, buffalo Bill jerseys, record of 5 wins and 3 losses

Over the past two years is relatively laissez faire playing style, brought a significant change to Mike de Mo Bill’s lounge culture: adhesion he stressed that the team, the players are more familiar with, especially in different groups (such as the wide receiver group and the line group) familiarity between greatly improved. While on the court, in addition to the New York jets defeated in last week, in his time, Bill never lost more than 7 points. Although only in the game, Bill sent three ball power conversion, but still a total of -11 times the ball power to lead the entire league. After 17 consecutive years of playoff defeat, Bill finally won the seeds of the United States No. six, although there are still 8 games not yet, but it does bring hope to the Bill fans.

However, Bill is currently the average number of offensive yards (303.8 yards) ranked twenty-sixth in the league, defensive teams were sent 344.6 yards, ranked twenty-first. They are the 6 offensive and defensive are ranked only 20 after the team has more than 50% winning teams. The 8 game in the first half of the season,jerseys in addition to the Carolina Panthers, the team failed to reach the remaining 50% winning percentage, and in the face of the Panther, Bill lost the match. In the remaining 8 games, they will face 4 more than 50% winning teams (saints, chiefs and patriots). The data are pointing to the opposite side, and Bill’s fall in the second half of the season may not be surprising. In the 1-5 week, the Bill defense team managed to limit the opponent’s score to the lowest 14.8 points in the league, and then scored 25 points in the next game, ranking a sharp decline. In addition, Bill’s foul counts in the last two games were second in the league. These questions are the categories that Mike de Mo takes into account in the next game.

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