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The lunar new year this year, Brady recorded a video for Chinese Chinese pay New Year’s call fans; and in May, accompanied by his wife Giselle. He attended Bundchen fashion event, it is the initiative revealed that he will visit China in June information. From last summer NFL legend Payton. Manning’s visit to the Brady visit, can see whether the NFL market value of Chinese Brady himself.

In the NFL2010-2015 briefing, in the American Football League will China positioning in the “Chinese fastest-growing sports”, the number of fans from 1 million 600 thousand in 2010 surged to 19 million in 2015, 6 years of growth reached 1088%; while the Super Bowl broadcast network ratings UV only 310 thousand in 2010, to 2015 this the number is 4 million 720 thousand.

In the fan structure, the potential of China’s rugby market is also worth digging. According to statistics,

Among American football fans in China, the majority of fans are mainly young people aged 16 to 25, mainly in a second tier city, and have relatively higher education and income compared to other sports. Both of these NFL have seen the great potential of the Chinese market. As in China most famous NFL star, the Brady’s visit to China will undoubtedly further exaggerate the influence of NFL jerseys cheap in China.

The VS library who is the brother of UA

This is the sponsor for Chinese Brady, Under Armour (hereinafter referred to as UA planning. When it comes to UA, the first reaction of Chinese fans may be NBA’s Jinzhou braves’ star curry. Along with the two warriors won the NBA championship in recent years, not only the achievements of the library, let the eye sign UA and cooley.

In fact, in 2010, has won three Super Bowl champion Brady signed UA, after three years, Curitiba officially became a member of UA. And Brady’s position in UA can’t be shaken either.

Aside from rugby’s status in the American community and Brady’s own accomplishments, Brady has a high status in the UA family, as well as a key factor. UA is actually the earliest rely on football related products started, founder of the Kevin Plank I was the captain of the football team of University of Maryland, founded the first product UA is gone after the launch of the professional range of children — and strong dry line stretching t-shirt. This corset products because of its close fitting fabric comfort and breathability, spread around the NFL, followed by UA, and developed specifically for rugby player custom stadium spikes.

In the nearly two years UA force of the women’s movement in the market, UA found Giselle Bundchen as a spokesperson, the couple together with the endorsement of the same brand influence, Brady did not work. The Asian tour, Brady ride UA to provide private aircraft, founder Kevin Plank is personally accompanied by, which shows Brady’s position in UA.

NFL is the greatest quarterback Tom Brady officially opened his first Chinese line. This time, Tom Brady with his eldest son Jack visited the the Great Wall China outside experience places of historic interest and scenic beauty, Chinese calligraphy culture in Shichahai, specially came to the studio with China sports fans interaction, and women’s Volleyball National Champion Ceng Chunlei, singer awake PK pitch.
To interview should propaganda empress Ji brady”

The afternoon of June 18th, Brady came to the sports studio guest, the agreed time and distance for nearly an hour, has been in a Brady shirt for the hardcore fans ahead of squatting in front of the building. Enough to see the legendary quarterback’s popularity in china.

In the sports studio, Brady accepted an exclusive interview with sports . The interview also brought in a special host, cheap jerseys online hardcore fans and singers in the entertainment world. In order to prepare for the interview and Brady, wake up and two presenters do your homework for a lot of problems. From the Super Bowl comeback to the prospect of the greatest quarterback growth history and patriots of the new season, Brady all make one answer.

Of course, the topic of course cannot do without friends who are most concerned about Brady’s wife, supermodel Giselle Bundchen. In the interview, the host on behalf of netizens issued an invitation to Giselle Bundchen, “next to China when his wife Giselle Bundchen has?” Without thinking, Brady promised: “of course, she had come, before I came here, we also communicate with this topic. Her first impression here was good, she liked it and she always wanted to come to china. This experience in China, I feel very good, I will definitely bring my family here again.”

The moment playing volleyball

The moment playing volleyball

Brady playing cross-border pitching PK women’s Volleyball National champion you guess who wins?

During the guest, Brady in addition to interview, also received a special challenge, and Yan Chinese “bear” value of women’s Volleyball National Champion Ceng Chunlei and singer awake to cross-border pitching game. On the pitch before the game, and each hand was bud Brady play football and volleyball teaching. When teaching the Brady whisper very patient also, after each demonstration should take the initiative to encourage Ceng Chunlei to clap on the pitch, tough seconds warming male, naturally captured the hearts of the fans and the staff the scene of many. Moreover, it is said that the beauty is the national champion Brady’s “fans”!
Brady taught volleyball by herself

This rule is the cross create new styles. Ceng Chunlei, Brady, football, volleyball, basketball to use were shot. Unexpectedly, Brady is not only football superstar, playing basketball and volleyball to action is also very professional, the first attempt to vote to hit the bag basket volleyball. The accurate shots, and also let Ceng Chunlei be startled at awakening. Finally, NFL is the greatest quarterback Brady hit the volleyball and football, the achievements of this field become cross-border competition in the best ball players “”.

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