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The ten state championship Wentz total sales in the first

The 2017 season of Super Bowl in less than 10 days were started, this year, the new England patriots as in the past is stable, but the rise of Philadelphia people are very surprised, this is also reflected in the Jersey sales distribution, Carson – watts Jersey has Huobian america.

The second quarterback Carson Wentz since last year, came to the team, has been the focus of attention, this year a MVP caliber season Wentz, under his leadership of the all the way through the regular season record rise, although the end of the season after season, but the American people for his enthusiasm can not be reduced. According to store data provided by NFL, Wentz Jersey sales (or other players and related items) ranked first in nine states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, Utah, Delaware, North Dakota and montana. In addition, Wentz Jersey also occupy the top position of Columbia SAR, captured the capital of washington.

But outside the person, Knowledge is infinite., although the rise of new forces in the old school’s impact, but still can not shake their position, then eventually in the United States each state, whose Jersey State sold the most, not others, is the fans dubbed the old man played this season of Lent. MVP Tom brady.

Since the beginning of twenty-first Century, the new England patriots in the league is a single large, which has dominated the League for 16 years, during the 8 playoffs, averaging two years into a playoff frequency but also with no predecessors. At the same time, the patriot’s top star Tom Brady too surreal experience, too beautiful life let countless people envy, also let a lot of people flock to become loyal over defence. According to store data provided by NFL in 2017, Brady’s jersey sales way ahead in 10 states. Brady ranked first in five areas, including new England, New York, Florida, Indiana and Hawaii, and related products.

But although the Brady claim the 10 Jersey sales, but in total sales but lost Wentz finished second, Dakota cowboy quarterback Prescott was ranked third.

Coincidentally, Prescott also ranked third in sales last year. The 2016 season of Prescott’s play is totally out of expectation, once led the top seed win the NL East title and the country, so many Toni fans by defections. Although the performance of the cowboy team has fallen this year, as the quarterback of the American team, the fans’ preference for him is self-evident.

This year’s super bowl, Wentz had to sit and watch the ball, the Hawks fans love to Wentz how crazy? Wentz Jersey sales (different colors) occupy the top two in the season, the Hawks home court deep green No. 11 ranked first, black jersey No. 11 ranked second. Brady and different colors of the No. 12 Jersey occupies third and eleventh, tenth.

In addition, there are some very interesting data, from the official NFL store sales in the given state can be seen: rookie Alvin – Kamala’s jersey sales in Louisiana was more than the owner of the land – Drew Bracey; similarly, Christian Micah Frey in South Carolina Bikanmu – Newton also fire you make Superman too much to handle; the state of Ohio’s most popular star is Antonio Brown (played in Cincinnati and Cleveland face?) Brady; how popular? There are three NFL teams in Florida (including the dead enemy of the Patriots, Miami dolphins), but the most sold shirt in the state is Brady.

Finally, let’s look at what players in the top ten of the shirt sales.

First: Carson Wentz

Second: Tom Brady

Third: Dako – Prescott

The fourth place: Antonio – Brown

The fifth place: Isawa Kil – Elliot

The sixth place: Aaron – Rodgers

Seventh: Alejandro Vera Noe Wa

Eighth: rob Gelon Sikorski

Ninth: Adam – schlun

No. 10: Russell – Wilson

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