NFL jerseys races clash violently

By • Nov 6th, 2017 • Category: good sports jerseys news

Direct attack! 49ers Cardinals massive explosion three people were sent off conflict

Have strong ambition is a common feature of elite athletes, are full of SAP lad, who can not temper? The two game in the top cow is very common, but triggered a large-scale conflict can even open up a new battlefield, resulting in three people were fined down is not common.

This Sunday, a late National League West civil war between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers jerseys started the game, both sides played inextricably involved, before the three score has been very tight bite, until the fourth quarter hit two cardinals kick 20:10 lead 49ers, the 49ers team to attack the ball, and the game by the end of 4 minutes, in the first attack out of pocket rushed seven or eight yards after the 49 quarterback CJ- Beisede was rushed to the observation, the Cardinals safety Antoine Bethea – fierce knocked to the ground, to see their quarterback bullied, offensive players must first stand out, Daniel Nagel came to Kiel this is the beginning for Bethea theory, both sides of the large-scale conflict.

After this group conflict lasted 10 seconds, probably in order to divert attention, may also be in order to cover up his teammates, the Cardinals defensive end Flores Siti in another battle, on the sidelines while the referee does not pay attention to a down 49 when running back Carlos – Hyde, Carlos Hyde what character? This season has scored 453 yards for 4 touchdowns is hot, and then slapped Raquel, the forehand gave him his helmet across a slap in the face, the assistant referee to see this scene was intensified, immediately to a get out of hand, the hands do not yellow? Make a prompt decision to throw off his hat off the sky, two people are rolling in on both sides of the help of the players drop. After the two teams there are a lot of people taking Mamalielie, is about a posture against again, while the field is already on the yellow hat helmet lying everywhere.

In this conflict, the referee will carefully watched the video of the cardinals and linebacker Hassan – frosti Raquel Reddick ejected 49 people back running back Carlos Hyde was ejected, maybe you will do what Hassan Reddick had to say, in the back, each brother played more than this fierce.

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