NFL jerseys high price contract?

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NFL the biggest contract ever belongs to him. What will he do next year?

Washington Red Headed quarterback Kirk – or will be in 2018 to harvest a NFL history of the highest salary of super large contract. Whether you like him or not, these are the next choice for the quarterback.

Kirk – and the Washington Red Shirts have not reached any consensus on long-term contracts, and for the moment, the situation has not changed yet. The Washington Redskins in the next offseason in hitherto unknown to Cousins for third consecutive years, the privilege of using the label, but it will make them spend almost 35 million dollars.

If this amount exceeds the acceptable range of the red skin team jerseys online, it will be free again and become a prolific quarterback for the few water test free players.

Before we can work out the following 9 teams you need for the quarterback’s position in 2018, Cousins, let’s talk about some of the teams that didn’t get into the list. The offensive team coach of the Losangeles rams coach Sean McVeigh served as Cousins in the 2014 season to the 2016 season, but the rams quarterback Jia Reid, the growth of GF, will make Losangeles people from signing cousins. Similarly, four quarterback high age teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Losangeles lightning team, the New Orleans saints and the New York giants will only in special circumstances, to join the ranks of Cousins for. Is the Mustang possible? To know the people of Denver now on their starting four waight Revo – Ann sago very satisfied, Paxton – Lin Qiye on their bench. But given the Broncos general manager John elvy’s acting style, not what is not possible.

Washington Redskins

Support: the Washington Red Shirts have always regarded Kirk – test as the team’s top priority, and may have the privilege label jerseys for sale third consecutive years, even if it costs $35 million for the red shirts. In addition to the team cousins, really not what better choice, unless they can sign the Patriots quarterback Jimmy Poirot – bench Garo (if it is free), Bengals starting quarterback Andy Dalton or AJ- Mcalon, the backup quarterback played in the Redskins coach Jay Gruden. The players.

Against: after Kirk – Richard finished his NFL jerseys third seasons (season 2014), the red shirts could have signed a hefty contract extension with him, but the red team didn’t do it at that time. Cousins, too, was not interested in signing new contracts. If the red carpet team thinks the $35 million tag is too expensive, they might consider getting him away.

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