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Traditional data statistics and advanced data statistics are often contradictory, but after 4 new England patriots, the two defensive figures were surprisingly uniform. The traditional data, data of defense group patriots lost yardage in the past four weeks per game ranked nearly 10 season 320 defensive Group Fourth countdown; but in advanced data, to be included in the Patriots opponent’s offensive strength data after correction, patriots defensive group over the past 4 weeks still can not get rid of the awkward position of the bottom fourth of the past 10 years. The Patriots lost 32 points per game in the first four games, so we don’t have to describe how bad their defense is.

“Patriots are famous for excellent deals,” said a patriot chief of staff on Sunday night. However, looking at the current idle players in the league, I really can not think of any good choice for patriots. ”

Perhaps the league has no can make the Patriots defense to doctor Hua Tuo, but at a distance of NFL trade deadline less than a month’s time, we can determine the league players are more likely to replace the club in the near future. Some of them may be caused by the Patriots coach Bill Bailey his interest.

Jeremy Hill Cincinnati Bengals running back

Cincinnati tigers in the offseason to outside linebacker Marquez flowers sent to the new England patriots, but nike nfl jerseys only in exchange for a seventh round draft pick. And if the tigers want to trade Hill, they are likely to get a fifth round pick.

The insider said: “if the New York giants team for the ground run in despair, they may want to recruit Jeremy Hill. ”

Hill, 24, played for the tigers in their first four games of the season. But in the last two games, the second round rookie Joe mixon but in 35:13 the ball running times, significantly ahead of Hill. Hill has completed 1124 yards of push codes in his rookie season. In view of the fact that he is still young, he still has the potential to become the team’s top running backs, such as the New York giants, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit lions.

Brandon Marshall, the New York giants wide receiver

Although the giants just two months ago will be recorded in the Marshall sign, but rookie tight end Evan – nfl jerseys china Engelamu has gradually replaced the Marshall in attack running routes. According to the analysis of most scouts, if the giants decided to sell Marshall, he can exchange for a seventh round pick, because there are few teams to mashaoer cold. ”

Malcolm Butler, new England patriots, corner guard

The Patriots defensive team played poorly, but the defensive players in the team remained talented, but the Patriots’ deal was always aimed at the long-term development of the team. In the offseason, the Patriots had wanted to use Butler to exchange a first round pick pick, but the team also let Butler broken defensive position in the Patriots more volatile.

One scout said: “renewal and trading need to be synchronized.”. The Patriots of the Losangeles rams may Weitelumeien – Johnson angle franchise contract interest. Johnson’s guaranteed salary, however, is $16 million 700 thousand. “

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