NFL fourth week review

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All four NFL game has ended, the current round after the match unbeaten team left Kansas City Chiefs; veteran Fitzgerald discovered overtime lore; Panther break away the fox fort; rookie DeShawn Watson with 5 touchdowns to help the people of Dezhou massacre Titan; Baer firepower, the Steelers “steel crow war”, the first round victory, sounds not very interesting, let’s take a look at it!

Getting 4 turnovers, the packers beat the Chicago bears

Home court packers met rival Chicago bears, the beginning of the game will get a huge lead, Aaron Rodgers first found defant Adams catch a touchdown, then quickly getting off the ball, Ge line Randall Cobb another victory, then the game bears quarterback Mike getting the ball and sent three times the conversion, the packers also bring a romance to a happy ending early victory, the final 35:14 victory over the Chicago bears. Although the packaging industry achieved a victory and even the loss of 5 generals, especially defant Adams severely hit directly after syncope, affects the hearts of countless fans, so this game can only be used to describe the tragic victory.

London saints zero Dolphin

London Games was the stage performances, but the dolphins abruptly hit into the stage show. The last game was a nfl jerseys online humiliating defeat to the jet, and coach Adam – Gass stormed after the game, calling the offensive “garbage”, and after the game, Gass was completely silent about the attack team. The full game, although saints team in the first half was once depressed, but the second half in a timely manner to adjust the state, scored two touchdown. While the dolphins in addition to opening the first offensive let the fans excited, the more difficult to attack over half, even the first wave will reach the array of attacks have been sent by Cutler steals splurge, finally the score 20 victory over the saints: dolphin.

The falcons upset Bill home court negative

The falcons at home court did not show their fighting capacity, the second quarter ahead of Bill de Taylor, Taylor’s new signing Jordan Mathews line up front, then the falcons will lead the score, but manufacturing Matt Ryan dropped the ball made a touchdown in the third quarter Bill team, and at last festival hit three consecutive free kick will expand the score, although the Falcons have dazzling play, but Matt Ryan sent two steals no longer last MVP regular season, the falcons eventually lost 17:23 Buffalo Bill home court.

Steel crow fight Baer big kill Quartet

The Steelers ran Weile Baer viand before because of the poor state of fans suffered controversy, in which the key steel crow war, people familiar with the “yellow lightning” back. Section second of the Steelers game in the first half 30 yards off the ball making crow grab the ball before the end, Baer rushed into the end zone to come out on top, then the Zhu Zhu cross found Smith Schuster finished second touchdowns. Although the third crow team Joe Flacco has spare no effort to catch up, but the pass was intercepted in the last quarter, Baer once again into the end zone to kill the game. The game, Le Vian Bell rushed 35 times the ball ran out of 144 yards for two touchdowns, 4 receptions for 42 yards, became the Steelers win the greatest hero, the final 26:9 in the Steelers “steel crow war” in the last laugh.

Ram reverse wins cowboy

Ram and cowboy met at the AT&T stadium, staged a classic scoring game before the game, who would have thought once everyone bully Losangeles rams will have such a strong fighting on the road. The first section of the game the two sides launched a tentative attack, the second quarter Cowboys running firepower, won three consecutive touchdowns with Elliot, but tenacious rams have not been knocked out of a big deficit, they then use the Cowboys special teams errors smaller than GF, the third quarter line Todd – the latter Karli the ball ran 50 yard touchdown score counter ultra, then grasp the initiative of the rams never will lead out, until the end of the game, the rams 35:30 away victory over the Dallas cowboys jerseys wholesale.

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