NFL fourth week forecast

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Sheikh Falcon wants to win four consecutive victories

Beijing October 2nd, most of the fourth week of the NFL2017 season will be officially opened. Remove the participation in the Thursday night game of the National League North rival Green Bay Packers and the Chicago bears, as well as in Monday night’s Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, the League of the remaining 28 teams will begin their fourth game in Beijing on Monday. Tencent sports will, after last week, give you the London bowl for the New Orleans saints against the Miami dolphins at 21:30 on Sunday evening. Monday morning at 8:30, the Tencent sports will also bring you a taste of a Sunday night match Indiana Colts at vianet center of the Seattle Seahawks game challenge. So what are the highlights of this week’s 12 games? Will the Atlanta falcons be able to score their four straight season? Who are the tigers, Brown, giants, lightning, and the 49 men who will win the first win of the season? Please let Xiaobian give you one by one.

Buffalo Bill vs Atlanta Falcons

Tee off time: Monday morning at 1

Forward: if in the second week war off the Panthers last moment, Bill scored four points and Taylor Rhodes – Wei Tai outside Karzai – Jones completed a touchdown over the line, then the current record of Bill team will be 3 wins and 0 losses. After three games, the Atlanta falcons were unbeaten in the first place in the NFL standings, and Bill, 1 (15), was 14 higher than the 2 – win. Therefore, the game will reflect the real ability of the Bill team. In the past three games, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had met with Bill coach Sean – Mcdermott thought as the core of the Panthers defense group, however, Ryan in the three games in the pass rate reached 78%, completed 7 touchdowns, only one interceptions, quarterback score up to 131.1 points. Since Bill is the lowest scoring team in the League (12.3 points per game), Mcdermott needs to prove that his defense will limit ryan.

The Atlanta falcons haven’t shown their best yet, but that doesn’t keep them from winning 3 straight wins. Although Bill is averaging only 12.3 points per game, and has not yet allowed his opponents to pass the ball, they haven’t met a full blown attack team like falcon. To recover from a back injury in the first ball outside the top Falcon over Julio – Jones will likely cut off the new season in the game touchdown; running back Coleman and Feng de tweng Twin Tower – Freeman teamed up in single game ran out of more than 200 yards in the game, won 7 wins and 0 losses record, they will give Bill a violent assault team. The falcons only need to pay attention to is the defense on the ground to run Sean Mccoy Bill team Weile enough restrictions.

Prediction: Falcon wins

Losangeles rams vs Dallas Cowboys

Tee off time: Monday morning at 1

Preview: Dallas Cowboys season won 13 matches, therefore, this road cowboy will become this season’s biggest test of the Losangeles rams. The defense Cowboys has yet to reach their full potential, but the team is in a positive direction ahead. The rams’ defence has completed a 805 yard drive in the past two weeks by the red shirts and the 49 men, but in fact their defensive team is not so bad. In general, the cowboys have more advantages in the game than the rams.

The Cowboys had only 5 days to prepare for the game, while the rams had 10 days to prepare for it. The rams defensive coach, Wade – Phillips, was fired by the Dallas cowboys in the middle of the 2010 season. This game, he will prove his ability to the old club. Last season, RAM quarterback was troubled by the media’s decision to choose Prescott – and he also wanted to play well in the game. Therefore, the game will be a fierce battle for both sides. The Cowboys need fortunately, when running back Elliot Ezekiel finally returned to his last season invincible brave state, and this game he will face is the League ranked fourth place run defense rams defensive group.

Prediction: Cowboys wins

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