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34 year old veteran extra time staged a warning array

Remember the dead end in overtime; a missed ball pass; a key to life and death. These events occurred during the fourth week of the NFL2017 season, and the offensive and defensive rounds became the key to deciding the outcome of the match. Today, we will take you to review the 5 winning teams change fourth attack.

5. – Todd 53 yard touchdown catch Karli

Attack replay: rams in the game the first half had trailed by 11 points, but the team running back Todd – the Karli 53 yards receiving touchdowns for rams finished ahead to 26:24. During the attack, with high speed to the cowboys Karli regional defense ministry run back, and just perfect to catch the ball – GF quarterback Jia reid. I asked the cowboys in Karli ran for 36 yards, completed the score. Losangeles winrate also rose from 29.1% to 50%, while the rams eventually kept the score superiority, with a precious away win.

4. Anthony – zettle three sacks

The Detroit Lions vs Minnesota Vikings jersey for sale

Offensive playback: the Vikings behind a touchdown, the game there are 8 minutes will end when the Vikings quarterback Keith Qinamu led the team to complete a long yardage forward, all the way to the Detroit lions red zone. Lions in the 3 yard line, Qinamu facing 3 stalls score situation. At this time, the lions defensive end Anthony zettle get rid of blocking, kicking off almost immediately after the completion of Kenath, sacks, and the Vikings lost 11 yards. Finally, the team had to face 4 stalls 14 yards of the situation, they won only 12%. The final data of the match were 2 kills and a ball picked up at once.

3. Elijah McGuire 69 yard touchdown run the ball

New York jets vs Jacksonville Jaguars

And playback: on Sunday the jets in overtime with a 23:20 victory over the Jaguars game, two touchdowns jets are long yardage imbued with supreme heroism ran the ball up front. The first time from the team running back Bilal Powell in the first game of the 75 yard touchdown run the ball, but what is more critical is the rookie running back Elijah McGuire this time in the third quarter touchdowns. McGuire in the first tranche of ten codes, received quarterback Josh McCain’s hand off from the stadium road, blaze a new trail, the Jaguars defensive player far behind them, completed a 69 yard long run the ball up front, which also makes the probability of winning the jets rose 25.2%.

2. Taylor – Gabriel failed to win

Buffalo Bill team vs Atlanta Falcons jerseys sales

And playback: after Bill team kicker Stephen Hauschka – complete two free kick, the falcons in the game in less than 1 minutes will be the end of the team 6 points behind Bill. Falcon quarterback Matt Ryan and his teammates began their first 5 yard attempt on Bill’s 14 yard line. But the Bill team as strong as iron defense let falcons to 1 yards and 4 stall situation. In man to man defense, falcons receiver Taylor Gabriel off the mark, ran out of the vacancy, but Ryan’s passing is too near, failed to spread to the hands of Gabriel. Falcons 35.8% winning percentage has been erased.

1. Larry – Fitzgerald extra time winner

The Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers jerseys

Playback: in this attack against the Cardinals 49 team in overtime, the Cardinals need a kick to tie the 49 team scores, or completing a touchdown to win the game directly. The Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer led the team to complete the final time efficient offensive to promote, in the game with 32 seconds left to finish, he in 49 people’s 19 yard line for the Cardinals won the 2 grade 2 yards of opportunity. Palmer will deliver the goods, successfully found in the region in the future Hall of fame wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Touchdown! The 49 team is still unable to savor the taste of victory.

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