NFL fifth weeks of wonderful moments

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All the game NFL fifth weeks after the game has ended, the Emirates team beat Dezhou who scored 5 game winning streak, the giants, 49 and Brown three team team still winless, Vikings kicker kicked lost three goals to become the scapegoat man; GE led the packers again on the lightning cowboy lore; get the first win of the season in the giant’s head, and the giants lost 4 receiver to fall into the abyss; two jets scored three straight, sound is not very interesting, we look at it together!

The kicker lost 3 goals, and the pirates were patriots

The first section both sides played slightly conservative, patriot of the first attack wave nor did the last few games the majestic momentum, the second quarter pirates by running back Doug Martin diving the ball into the end zone xianbatouchou, then the Patriot Tom Brady Chris – Hogan line was swift to color. The second half of the game, the gap between the two sides reflected in the play on the hand, the Patriots Gorst koves Ki scored 4 shot 4, continue to use the free kick, and pirates kicker Nick Falk respectively missed 56 yards, 49 yards and 31 yards free kick, the pirates very passive. The fourth day chase time demis – Winston pass Cameron found tight end Brent completed only one second half touchdowns last second Winston pass fail, time runs out, pirates in the home court nfl jerseys wholesale lost to the Patriots at 14:19.

The Panthers beat the Detroit Lions

The first section of the game to kick the opponent, the second day war by the lions home court guard Zach zehner ran into the end zone xianbatouchou, then the Panthers played a 24:0 climax, Newton emphasized continuous connection Calvin – Benjamin, German – Fenqiesi and running back scored three touchdowns on Micah frey. Used vs nfl. Detroit lions in the fourth quarter reassert divinity within three minutes, scored two consecutive touchdowns record will be close to 3 points, but then the Panthers will play 2 minutes left exhausted, the lions eventually lost to the Black Panther 24:27 home court.

Lightning wins the giant, and gives the giant 5 defeats

The first section of the game, home court battle mistake in kickoff giants and lightning cheap team jerseys center, safety, after Orlean Dakewa 14 yards touchdown made a good start for the team. The second section of the game lightning team Melvin – Gordon received a pass into the end zone to lead the score. The second half of both attacks were found, but the giant team took over the series outside was injured, Odair Beckham left foot fracture to attack the hardest group, the team finally only Roger Lewis took a healthy foreign participation in the team’s offensive, tight end Eng Ram was forced to take over the role of temporary guest outside, one after another the loss of the ball lead to weapons giants in the last quarter and finally unable to adhere to, eventually lost 22:27 lightning team. While the team won the first season of the season, the giants suffered a 5 – straight defeat, with the injured team catching the team’s first win.

Packers kill Cowboys

This dialog wrapper and cowboys fans attracted a lot of attention, both sides have a ready pen playing fantastic. Half the cowboys with two times the ball Beasley touchdown once made a 15 point lead, but the second half slow packers found the condition, the score will be gradually overtake. The two sides played a very exciting game in the fourth quarter, you come to me to finish 5 times, alternating the lead. The last two minutes of the match, Prescott marched into the ball after the end to rewrite the score 31:28, only 1 minutes and 13 seconds left the packers reversal time. However, for Rodgers the time is enough, he used the very time management change attack means, perfect and accurate passing, in the final 20 seconds left in the nfl game at the end of the pass line defant – Adams completed a touchdown lore, the score of 35:31, 29 in 19 Ge from 221 yards and 3 touchdowns in the data looks is not rosy, but he at the critical moment of perfect took over the game, the audience fully deserve MVP.

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