NFL fifth week game

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Beijing time on October 9th, the NFL2017 season fifth weeks of most events will be officially opened. At the same time, fifth weeks, and NFL calendar of the first official bye week. Therefore, Atlanta falcons, Denver broncos, New Orleans saints and the Washington Redskins have no game plan this week. The four teams can use nearly two weeks of rest, rally.

In addition to the Thursday night game of the Super Bowl Champions the new England patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as in Monday night’s Minnesota Vikings and Chicago bears team in the league, the remaining 24 teams will begin their fifth week race in Beijing on Monday. Tencent sports will give you a live broadcast of the Green Bay Packers team on Monday morning at 4:25 to challenge the cowboys in Dallas. At 8:30 on Monday morning, Tencent sports will also invite you to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play against Hughes Dezhou and try to win the 5 straight season. So what jerseys nike are the highlights of this week’s 10 games? The giants and the lightning team, which team will be able to get rid of the 0 win dilemma in the two teams’ direct talks? Kim – Newton and Matthew – Staffordshire’s positive contest will wipe out what kind of spark? Please let Xiaobian give you one by one. (Note: the visiting team is in advance and the kick-off time is Beijing time)

Buffalo Bill vs Cincinnati tigers

Tee off time: Monday morning at 1

Looking forward: the current record of 3 wins and 1 losses, buffalo Bill came to Cincinnati, against the current record of 1 wins and 3 losses of the tigers. Gambling company but out of the home team to allow 3 points handicap, to prevent the occurrence of unpopular. It also reminds the Bill team, after the Denver Broncos and Atlanta falcons who harvest two key victory, they want to prevent rollover in the tigers body. The offensive team Bill team in season 48% to promote the third suffered transformation attack failed, ending the punt. This low attack efficiency ranked cheap nfl jerseys the last second in the league. The game, the team’s top outside Jordan – Mathews will be sidelined because of a broken thumb, Bill attack will be more difficult. This season, Bill scored four points and Taylor Rhodes – Wei Thai team near end Charles – and Sean Mccoy – Weile clay run with good passing understanding, ranked first pass anti union but the tigers in the near end and front running back the two positions. The average catch is only 6.49 yards per opponent.

The Cincinnati tigers face a defensive team, with Buffalo Bill defending the tenth place in the league. However, the tigers’ offensive team has recovered its firepower over the past two weeks. If the people of Cincinnati in the home court darling, they have the opportunity to 2 wins and 3 losses record in their bye week.

Prediction: Bill wins

New York jets, vs, Cleveland, Brown

Tee off time: Monday morning at 1

Prediction: jet wins

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