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The Super Bowl runner up to stop losing streak

In addition to the Thursday night match Baltimore crow team and the Miami dolphins, as well as in Monday night’s Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs, the remaining 22 teams in the League will have them at the beginning of the weekend seventh weeks. Tencent sports will give you a live broadcast of London bowl Minnesota Vikings’ match against Cleveland Brown on Sunday evening at 21:30. Monday morning at 1, Tencent sports will also invite you to appreciate the Losangeles lightning team away from the defending champion of the new England patriots match. At 8:30 a.m. Monday, Matthew Staffordshire and Ben Roethlisberger will lead their respective teams to the stage on Sunday night. Tencent sports will together with you to witness the Steelers “3B” combination of firepower. So, what are the unique aspects of the 8 games that are left behind this week? The falcons can like minnows jet, stop the team losing streak decline? DeShawn Watson can continue his stunning performance, led the Dezhou team defeated the Seahawks as strong as iron? Just let Xiaobian you Weiweidaolai. (Note: the visiting team is the first, the kick-off time is Beijing time)

Atlanta falcons vs New York jets

Kick-off time: 1 a.m. Monday

Looking forward: the Atlanta Falcons jerseys wholesale have suffered 3 successive defeats, and in these three defeats, the falcons averaged 13.6 points per game. To know the score data of Atlanta last season per game but up to 33.8 points. However, from the current point of view, the offensive coach from Kell Shanahan replaced Steve salkey Xi’an transformation has profound influence on the team. The New York jets this season, losing to reach 23 points per game, the falcons need to correct their mistakes in the game, to regain a sense of attack. The team took over Julio – Jones once said: “we need to ensure that each player communication smoothly.”. “If the falcons offense continued to run their pavement, with excellent three key players, plus the red zone touchdown efficiency, and will the jets run 100 yards in the restricted road, Atlanta will return to the winning track.

When the two are unable to turn the advantage into a winning team head-on collision, the story of what will happen? The game in the MetLife stadium may be a dramatic play. Although the Falcons have fallen sharply this season, there are enough key players in their team to help the team win the game. The New York jet team jerseys online sale has not been good at defending the nimble running guard, therefore, the falcons Germany tower – Freeman will be able to have a great chance in this competition. In addition, the falcons taking over Julio – Jones will also make a lot of trouble for the jet team’s corner guards. In the last two games, the jets have lost 583 yards and 6 touchdowns air yards. This is a straw for Matt Ryan and his falcons teammates.

Prediction: falcons won

Oakland Raiders vs buffalo Bill team

Kick-off time: 1 a.m. Monday

Prospect: last week, the Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs of the same district. Quarterback Derek Carle finished the 417 yard pass and the 3 pass. Take over, Cooper, also in the 19 aerial connection attempt, completed 11 times, to promote the 210 yards. The attack team of the Raiders was unstoppable in the match. This weekend’s match against buffalo Bill, Sean, the running guard of the Raiders, will have the chance to face his former club in 2007.

The Raiders’ passing attack scored 417 yards of terror data in the game against Kansas City Chiefs last week. Perhaps the recovery was just right. Since the start of the fifth week, the defensive team of Bill has performed badly. The average score of the quarterback (73.5 points) was thirtieth in the league, and it was hard for Bill to limit the connection between Derek – Carle and his catcher.

Prediction: the Raiders won

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