NFL boxer strives for hegemony

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Hello, everyone. I miss my friends for a week. Today, I will bring “NFL high black” to you as “the most black little editor on the surface.” tell me loudly that you don’t expect it. Okay。 Now, follow the “NFL high black” into the true inner world of the NFL alliance and feel a little known NFL (manual funny).

First look at the murder by a gold chain triggered

Yesterday the news headlines are a great fight angle Weiaqibu occupied the Oakland Raiders wide receiver “crab tree” – Michel Crabtree and Denver Broncos – Taleb, shortly after the start of the game in the first quarter to the 60 thousand in the audience staged a scene with a wearing helmet UFC Ultimate Fighting

“In November 26th, a battle for the century of the gold chain for the NFL boxer had been struck, and the audience could watch it free of charge on the Internet!”

It is interesting, this is indeed a competition for “gold chain” caused by the war, Talib in defensive crab tree neck a thing seeing the opponent shining moment evil to the bravery of life to take the baby, the Talib snatch failed, was forced to break his gold chains, see your baby is absolutely destroyed, the crab tree is inadmissible, he decided to give Talib a lesson, and then directly punched another, not to have been Talib down a beaten, lost the gold chain was beat up opponents, crab tree really lose the wife of another soldier. And from this Rugby arena, we can see that fighting is for the gold belt of the boxing champion. NFL players jerseys fight for the gold chain of the boxing champion.

“Player introduction: No. 15 Michel clobabroi, 6 feet 1, weight 215 pounds, 30 years, 9 years of NFL experience, 2 times by tarib to take the gold chain…”

So we can understand why the crab tree of Talib straight to, because this is the Talib tried second times to take his gold chains, in the season when the teams meet, Talib in the defense off crab tree gold chain, when the tree is good tempered crab without too much care; the results of this tower cloth and want to trick. It seems that the allure of the gold chain is really bigger than the gold belt. .

Why always on the gold chain Talib besottedly? We can see some of the pictures from the photos of the NFL players jerseys when they were young.

See, even when Brady is only 49 fans, and we may be the tower grew up wearing two gold chain men! Why did you say why he had such a deep attachment to the gold chain?

So take the gold chain in the tower cloth second, Talib in the entertainment circle, took a name called “Chainz 2”, and “6” speed and passion to sing the theme song “We Own It” was a big success, ever quit football has become famous hip-hop singer……

Of course, this is just a joke, not because the tower grabs robbed 2 “Chainz” (Jin Lian), he is really 2 Chainz, otherwise, really 2 Chainz all want to hit a person (next is really 2 Chainz).

But it’s the best way for the wild horse to seek some self comfort from the flagrant robbery of the gold chain on the court.

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