Jiangsu attacks NFL authentic jerseys china judge suspects 5 years

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In July 2011, Hu father due to heart disease, sudden death. nfl authentic jerseys china In neighboring neighbors, partners, Hu is a good personal products, strong ability to business people.
Hu mother told reporters, before 2009, Hu Jia has been opened in Changshu wood factory to do business, due to health reasons, Hu father decided to move back to his family home investment.
In June 2010, Hu father and Shuyang County long Miao Zhen Zhao Zhuang Cun, signed a contract, with the price of 636 thousand rented an abandoned school in the village of 40.9 acres of land, 50 years. Since then, Hu father will part of the building schools were leased to several factories to strangers. In addition to the rent to the villagers, they also built two plants, with a total investment of about $one million, for which the Father also borrowed some private lending.

Everything goes smoothly, until Hu father died suddenly, the Liu, cheap nike jerseys yinmou series and Hu family court, required to repay.

The verdict shows that in July 4, 2010, Hu Xiaogan’s father asked Liu to borrow 70 thousand yuan, yinmou borrowing 60 thousand yuan, the monthly interest rate is 2%. After the death of his father in 2011, unable to repay.
Liu, Yin filed a lawsuit to ask Hu Xiaogan and his mother, sister jointly bear the arrears and interest.

Hu Xiaogan’s sister told reporters that her father was alive, the money will be home to about 1000000 into the factory to Qiming school, died suddenly, intestate, leaving no deposit and property in his own name.
Shuyang county court verdict that Hu and his wife, Hu Xiaogan, father of his daughter had been together, and Hu Xiaogan jointly operate wood processing, Hu father borrowed for family business, should be recognized as common family debt, so the decision by Hu Xiaogan, the mother and sister wholesale nfl jerseys three people share the burden of debt.

After the first trial, Hu Xiaogan appeal, he believes that his marriage with his father and other family members living apart, my father did not borrow money from their control, he did not inherit father’s property, the court for family members in common is that all wrong. In July 23, 2012, the Suqian intermediate people’s Court of final judgment: according to Hu Xiaogan’s lack of appeal, upheld.

In the course of the first instance, Liu asked the court to preserve the property of Hu Xiaogan, the court therefore preserved a total of three shops under the name of Hu Xiaogan.

Enter the implementation of the program, because Hu Xiaogan refused to repay the court cheap jerseys for sale auction shops, Hu Xiaogan, aroused strong opposition from the Xiaogan hu.

In Hu Xiaogan view, the store registered in his name, not family nike nfl jerseys property. Hu’s mother and sister were denied Hu Xiaogan’s claim in court: they have no family, one family lived together, Hu Xiaogan in addition to help the family management board factory, hotel, no income, and although the shop is registered in the name Xiaogan Hu, but it is common for family purchase in 2006. When buying a house, Hu 21 years old, not married.

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