NFL alliance or with the protest National Anthem players mediation

By • Nov 8th, 2017 • Category: nfl sports jerseys news

Those who protest the National Anthem or give up resistance may coexist peacefully with NFL

According to ESPN reports, protesting in the National Anthem ceremony in NFL players are required to mediate the meeting with the union, and the protests first sponsor – former San Francisco 49ers jerseys quarterback Colin Kapernick has also agreed to participate in the meeting. The players plan to hold a mediation meeting this week in November 13th, but so far the alliance has not yet agreed to the meeting.

Since the protests are triggered by social justice and civil rights issues, then through mediation, the players naturally want to agree on issues related to the alliance, and give a feasible solution. At the same time, the players also hope to solve the problems around Capet Nick, and why he has not been able to find a job in NFL.

In fact, as early as last month, the League had informal meetings with members of the NFL players jerseys union, but failed to make a solution. Therefore, the idea of a formal mediation meeting came into being, and the proposal has been submitted to NFL executive Troy Vincent, and now it needs to wait for the reply of the alliance. As one of the central players in the event, Capet Nick was not involved in the negotiations between the players’ unions and the league, but this time he protested at the invitation of the players, and he finally agreed to attend. The follow-up development, let us wait and see.

In addition it is a formal mediation session is not binding, but can accept the supervision of personnel, such as retired judges, respected lawyers or other personnel with extensive legal qualification.

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