NFL 6 June new developments news

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G Ron koves Ki barber's charity activities

G Ron koves Ki barber’s charity activities

Near the end of the new England patriots nfl jerseys winger rob Gelon he launched a barber activities at the Gillette stadium, this barber event is to charity, this activity has been carried out for eight years, and this is also the Gelon Khodorkovsky he presided over the sixth years, so far, the campaign has raised more than for many children with cancer 7 million dollars, more than 5000 people have participated in this charity event, not only in the activities of others to gloon haircut, he also let other players for their hair is often one of the highlights of this activity.

This week in Sunday’s event, G Ron koves Ki debut, he played the barber shaved to help other people, he went into the crowd look very happy, then, Gelon in the activities he once again showed his head, but he Gelon still happily said this very summer he’s feeling of love.

Not only that, Gelon’s brothers also came to the scene, and Khodorkovsky requested Gelon, as his brothers shaved hair, in order to activate the atmosphere of the scene, G Ron koves Ki will also raise their hands.

Rigg Ron koves Ki kept smiling throughout the activity and played with the children at the scene. Perhaps this is why each summer Gelon Khodorkovsky almost will occur with the head image, Gelon Khodorkovsky every offseason have colorful, although last season because of injury last season, after the injury, he also made a cameo appearance in a WWE annual fall angle mania, now looks very gloon bar.

Rodgers supports the patchogue Faria

The formal war in the NBA finals of the occasion, Jinzhou warriors are the most optimistic about the outside world team, but the team also many fans heart evil, because Kevin Durant’s Baotuan behavior, the entire season is the wind of public opinion on Durant and the warriors and warriors of contempt, not the most time for people to accept. It is precisely in the finals before the first game in the Western Conference finals, stepping behavior warriors center Zaza Pachulia to spurs the core of Leonard’s world denounced the warrior’s dirty routines, and patchogue Faria a time also became the target of the player, aggressive style of play is cast for the countless fans, people will only know him give support and patchogue Faria, apparently the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of them.

When the whole world crazy black patchogue Faria, Aaron – Rodgers to come forward, in his own twitter put out a video, the video clearly shows that Aaron Rodgers wore a bucks Jersey No. 27, is Zaza Pachulia once worn in the Bucks playing jersey. Rodgers, don’t worry about the comments on the network, he is not worried about his Twitter users to be filled with righteous indignation, he can stand on the side of patchogue faria. Aaron Rodgers is the Milwaukee bucks loyal fans, he has many bucks jerseys, wearing a shirt that Rodgers must be patchogue Faria said, in which Rodgers this is brave in the teeth of the storm.

Rodgers had to travel to Oakland to watch the Jinzhou warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers, because patchogue Faria’s sake, Rodgers should support Jinzhou warriors at home court warriors apparently gave Rodgers great confidence.

Savage enjoyed the start of Dezhou people

Tom – Savage seems to have become Dezhou’s absolute starting quarterback, this June he felt very happy.

The defense as Houston Dezhou in the training of the offensive team a quarterback directly against the people of Dezhou, to know nfl jerseys news the defense of Dezhou people but the best in the league, he got the chance, and has a good performance in training, this Savage very excited.

“It’s a great opportunity. I wouldn’t say it surprised me or something like that. Because every day I have to face these, I have to work hard every day. I want to have more exchanges with some guy, when you are the backup quarterback, you don’t have to go with the team wide receiver who talk too much, to tell them how you want to pass, but now we need to communicate with his teammates, you must be in the same class, this is what we want to do work.” Savage said.

At least now enjoy a savage team of the time, he was the man who led the team to attack, this is rookie DeShawn Watson cannot compare, he needs to maintain his position, until August, to come to the preseason, he still needs to prove himself.

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