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Today NFL is the official publication of the second NFL2017 100 star, we saw many familiar faces on the list, including the year ahead of Rodgers to become champion chiefs quarterback Smith, let us look at the ten stars of this announcement!

90 – Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia eagles, cornerback / safety

Jenkins is one of the top comprehensive safety in the league. In the 2016 season of the offseason, the eagle in order to keep the defensive line all rounder, direct and Jenkins continued under a big contract 5 years 40 million 500 thousand. In the middle of the season, when the Hawks’ main slot, Bruce, was cheap jerseys usa reimbursed for the season, Jenkins was well positioned to fill the second line. Throughout the season, Jenkins received 69 capture, 1 capture, 9 damage pass, plus 3 copies, of which two or copy back to attack.

89 Thomas Davies Carolina Panthers guard

2015 and still played the Super Bowl season almost data star linebacker the veteran Panther by concussion in absence of Jikeli case. The 106 run of the year, leading the team, plus 3 blocks and 2.5 kills, led the veteran, who had undergone 3 knee cruciate ligament repairs, for two consecutive years to enter the professional bowl list. In addition, Davies in 2016 100 star ranked 54.
The 88 Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug – Baldwin

The 2016 season is Baldwin’s sixth years in Seattle, is also a career best year, really show himself to the big Wilson over. The whole season has the best 1128 yards, and for the second season in a row, the catch reaches more than 1000 yards. 94 times the ball made him the Seahawks history single season record of the number of the new owner of the ball. Although the 7 ball array was less than half of the 2015 season, it also indirectly led to his fall in the rankings, but the performance on the pitch was absolutely obvious. PFF to Baldwin’s score up to 97 points, seventh in the league. In addition, Baldwin has another passing pass to Wilson this season. Baldwin also made its first professional bowl in the 2016 season.

87 Travis – Frederic, Dallas Cowboys Center

Speaking of League number one center, cowboy Frederic will definitely be the first choice for most people. Whether it’s kick-off, running, defence or quarterback, Frederic is definitely a textbook figure for the League center.
The Kentucky Jockey Club is one of the oldest sporting events in the United States and one of the most prestigious sports in the world. The first Saturday of May each year, the world’s fastest thoroughbred horses are all collected in the Louisville Churchill downs race. Horse racing is not only a traditional sport, but also a nfl jerseys usa traditional gambling event. And a big event like this, there are always a lot of star bigwigs on the audience. But this time, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers the two daily no excessive intersection of the super quarterback are generally came to Luis Weil, so the two star players for horse racing enthusiasm is quite high. But this is not only two Super Bowl champion quarterback, like Boston’s legendary “Diddy” David Ortiz also came to watch this exciting game, but Brady’s good teammate, the new England patriots winning hero Julian Edelman and Danny Oman are also Dora together with Brady at the scene, in addition to their Baltic with Jimmy Gallo Bulisaite also appeared together with Brady..

The scene with his brothers in the Kentucky Jockey Club fun, three self very hard, there are a number of other well-known figures the industry to come, this is a good opportunity to their home for Brady, can see Brady’s social network by his photos have been brush frequency, and finally shave Edelman finally revealed his handsome face. At the scene of the Brady Rodgers encounter, two photo friendly greeting and pleasant, looks very well, only Rodgers a dress collocation can’t compliment instantly by the handsome Brady down. The photo is the three Patriots quarterback Gallo Baltic Yan burst table values, a new horizon. Not only the active player, David – Boston Red Sox legend Ortiz apparently traveled with Brady and the two legendary Boston debut together passers-by are people. But, just like when Toni retired commentary Romo also with his former teammate, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, star running back demak – Murray also came to the Kentucky horse racing event scene, very suction eye.

86 Zhu Di – Casey, Tennessee Titan defensive front

Casey since the fixed position for defensive tackle, became one of the 10 defenders inside before alliance. 5 kills and 31 kills in the 2016 season. On the transfer performance inside defender rushed in, PFF site in Casey’s score, pass the League scoring at defensive tackle in third. A series of outstanding performances also allowed Casey to enter the career bowl for second consecutive years in the 2016 season.

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