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The reconstruction is not easy to fear into the belly

NFL’s new season has 2 days to start, and our “32 day, 32 teams” column is coming to an end. Today, let’s focus on the New York jets.

Changes in personnel: Trading and draft, coaches and management

The management changes in the New York jets jerseys online is not small, the boss Wu Di Johnson and President Trump good relationship, was appointed British ambassador to visit the United States, he will lose control of their own team power, go on the road of politics. Reconstruction of general manager Mike mccarnan in recent years the task is the completion of jet. Although the team last season but this bad record, with the coach (Todd Bowles) is, the team hired Jim to college in Harbert and Peter Carol do assistant (John Moeton) as the new offensive coordinator, he will learn offense in two place on the west coast to help Marshal jet lift attack power. In addition, the team, the online defensive coach, the attacking forward coach and several teaching assistants employ several new players.

Star players

With Ryan Brandon, Fitz Patrick Marshall, “King Island” Darvill – ray Weiss left, now the jet function Nadechushou character is really not much. (Bilal Powell) in the last season as the jet’s No. two runs, 131 red ball 722 yards, the total number looks than the first running back Matt – Ford is a bit poor, but Powell 5.5 yards rushing the ball size after blasting Matt – Ford 3.6 yards in the League after Mike Jilisili ranked second. In addition, he also has a 388 yard pass as the target ball fetched, is worthy of the name of Almighty paowei. The new season of the jet’s four points is still great embarrassment, so they still use a lot of pavement attack, Bela Powell as the team reconstruction best choice, so that the 2017 season is likely to be his breakout season.

The defense is star defensive end Leonard Williams, the nickname “big cat” the first show after his rookie season ushered in the outbreak, a 77 times last season ranked second and hold the defense team to the highest 7 sacks, won the team last season in the MVP. If we continue to maintain this state, he is now the most powerful alliance, one of the strongest defensive players in the team, after they left the bigwigs, young Leandro Williams is eager to become the team’s defense group leader, he is the foundation of the jet reconstruction on the list.

Secret Service

Nick Falk as jets kicker stable offseason left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team chose last season to play well Chandler Catanzaro in the cardinals, he in the field and the Seahawks beat 6 – 6 game impressed. The 2016 season of any ball hit rate of only 75%, but 43 additional points of 47, Nick Falk than he is younger, shooting distance, last season had hit a 60 yard free kick. Return in season has been “brothers” by Marshall as Nick Marshall, on the left, the burden will fall on the head of Marshall – Garin, several young foreign teams draft by the catcher and cornerback also have the opportunity to participate in return.

Prospects for the new season:

Although Todd Bowers unwilling, but he knows it is working to help steady New York jets jerseys sale to complete the reconstruction of the hand is not enough to make the jet become a showstopper. With the weakening of the strength of the opponents and the same district to enhance their own strength, the new season of the jet hit who will go away, and there are three in the race with Spanish American falcons, panthers, perhaps the fourth worst league schedule to help them get the top pick. The team in fifth weeks against Brown, this may be the only one they can with one of the war games, but now Brown is not an ignorant person in the future.

Season prediction: to face, 2 wins and 14 losses can not be more.

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