New Orleans saints zero Houston Dezhou people

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Dezhou people were zero closure

The biggest highlight of the match is the exciting performance of both defensive groups, but the defensive team alone is not feasible, the total number of people in Dezhou to promote the total number of yards only 246 yards, and one point did not get. The quarterback Tom savage great embarrassment situation, fans have the popular rookie DeShawn Watson is also very low, the 21 11 116 yards and interceptions, notably Dezhou undrafted linebacker Eric Lee recorded two sacks dedication. The saints’ offensive fire was also suppressed and the court scored only 1 goals. The ultimate saints team 13:0 zero opponents, beating Houston, Dezhou.

The pony beat the Steelers, take the preseason victory

The Colts in quarterback Andrew ruck did not debut case, so it is unfavorable play performance. Although the Steelers Defense Basic killed the Colts Road, but in the end key before several file anti running or not doing a good job, released two rushing touchdowns. In contrast, the Steelers, their offense is also smooth, but the scoring efficiency significantly lower than competitors. The final 19:15 victory over the Steelers colts, made the first preseason victory.

Cleveland Brown beat Tampa Bay Pirates

Pirates attack with Jaguar in a show signs of weakness, this time against Brown, though Winston was 200 yards but it is difficult to get a touchdown, the game pirates rely on just 3 free kick scored 9 points. The Brown team in fourth with 1 touchdowns had victory, attention Zhuangyuanlang Meyers Gareth no dazzling performance, finally the ratio distribution Lang team 13:9 victory over the pirates.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Raiders

After the first day of the tug of war, second games by the Oakland Raiders took the lead, New Orleans saints jersey cheap Derek – Carle – Paterson rehl Kodak continuously connected with Amari Cooper catch a touchdown, then the Cowboys by a false turn Darko Prescott led handed tactics amazing, from the “old cowboy” near end winger Jason Witten touchdown completion. At the beginning of the second half, the Raiders continued to attack, expanding the score to 10 points. But the fourth quarter of the cowboy team suddenly force, substitute quarterback Cooper – rush one after another came two mark up, the score was set at 24:20, anti raiders. Cooper rush 13 12 sent 115 yards and 2 touchdowns record, stunning the audience.

The Denver Broncos victory over the Green Bay Packers

The first section of the beginning of the game, the two sides will you come to me to launch the attack, after GE has hit a wave attack off the rest of the time, the packers all run by quarterback Bret Hendry. In the two or three game, the team slowly widened the score and the packers failed to score one point. Although the final stage of the packers completed a touchdown, and strive to catch up with the score, but still three points to regret the loss of the opener. The wild horse quarterback Paxton – Lynch didn’t get much chance to play, and the main quarterback, Trevor van ANN, was also a regular player. Green Bay Packers running Committee today firepower, two up to all of them achieved, Thai – Montgomerie 3 times the ball 31 yards, 1 reach, Aaron – Jones 6 times to promote the ball 43 yards.

Chicago bears win over the Tennessee Titans

After the opening of the Chicago bears to show a good competitive state, Mike getting precise, find the proximal dolphins winger Duhem Simmons touchdown, then the defense in the end zone made the Titans punter made mistakes, safety. Glennon made 134 yards with 1 touchdowns after the end of the show Bangyan Lipinski debut hit 15 trube 10 in 128 yards for 1 touchdowns scores. Before the three game Titans scoreless, the offensive team performance in the doldrums, the final 19:7 win over the Titans bears.

Washington Red victory over Cincinnati tigers

The score of this game has been a stalemate, the Blackburn took the lead, the main running back Jeremy Hill rushing mlb jerseys cheap touchdowns, then the Bengals defensive team steals Kirk cousins after passing to the end, get a touchdown. The Washington Redskins made after the fourth day, during a 10:0 victory. Full score, the red team 23:17 victory over the tigers.

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