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Tampa Bay Pirates of the country, the southern United States in the past ten years has been in the “Feng Shui rotation” state, and even for several consecutive years last season, the bottom of the District, became the first division of this season’s strange image. Among them, the New Orleans saints won the 44 Super Bowl in the 2009 season, while the Carolina Panthers and the great eagle falcons scored the Super Bowl in the last two years. But pirates are a little far away. They’ve been out of the playoffs since they won the first 9 – 7 record in the 2007 season. 2008 season, from 9 to 3, the loss of League one or two, the seeds of the competition to inexplicably 4 consecutive losses ending, the tragedy of this prologue opened, and this playoff is 9 years……

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But fortunately, after many years of downturn and turmoil, the pirates seem to find their Mr. Right. Sign pick in the 2015 draft with the pirates took off four points at Wei Jie, Florida State University – Winston (Jameis Winston), determined by him as the core to build the team. Pirates still failed to return to the playoffs last year, but the 9 – 7 record was the best in 6 years. This offseason pirates while retaining the main players using the receiver DeShawn Jackson (DeSean Jackson), defensive end Chris – Beck (Chris Baker) and other star, and in the draft this year’s rookie found tight end Howard OJ- (O.J.Howard), to further enhance the strength of the team. Pirates at both ends of the offensive and defensive talent will be the new season league playoff seats for the powerful contender.

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