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The patriots have created many dishonor

In September 8th, NFL opened the 2017 season, and eventually the Kansas City Chiefs beat the defending Super Bowl champion, new England patriot, 42-27 away. What are the data related to the opening game? Let’s have a look.

Smith’s peak war

Chief here, Smith 35 pass 28, 368 yards, 4 reach 0 copies, this is his career in the hands of 35 cases, the highest hit rate (80%), before he even reached 70% only once. It’s also the first time the quarterback has hit 80% since the opening game of the 2002 season was scheduled for Thursday night. A 148.7 point pass has also broken the opening record since 2002, better than Payton Manning’s 7 touchdown in 2013 (139.4) and the 142.8 points set by Brady two years ago.

History of the most cattle rookie data

Rookie run guard Kareem – Hunter 17 times to take the ball out of 148 yards, there are 1 touchdown. The 148 yards have broken the opening record since 2002. The previous record was the 142 yards created by Indianapolis pony guard Egelin James (Edgerrin James) in the 2004 season, and he used 30 shots to reach the figure. And Hunter still has 5 times catch, get 98 yards and 2 reach, this lets him run even to take the total data to be 246 yards, 3 reach, it is the best rookie show in history. We witness history today and witness a rising star.

Hill has become chief’s thigh


The Emirates last year rising star tailike – Hill in today’s back injury 7 times before the ball got 133 yards, Tom Brady jerseys sale the third parallel data in history since 02 years after the 2013 season opener, Manning 7 touchdowns in the game – de Marius Thomas and the 2002 season of the New York giants – Armani thumer.

Olive: the history of the cattle data a shame countless patriots debut

The career most sluggish opener

The Patriot side, Brady’s performance today some embarrassment, he came 16 in the 36 267 yards with 0 touchdowns and 0 steals, 44% hit rate is 02 years since the opening of the worst performance. We are in the same game, witnessed the highest hit rate opener (Smith) and the lowest percentage (Brady), from the achievements of the two men, like roles is more appropriate, after all, before today’s hit the highest rate of Brady’s creation, now he set the lowest percentage.

Patriot new signing a fig leaf

But the Patriots also have good news, running back Mike Gillies Lee today has 3 rushing touchdowns. New England Patriots nfl jerseys online It’s the first time in 02 years since the opening game, when the player finished 3 goals, so he made a small record.

Olive: the history of the cattle data a shame countless patriots debut

NFL most cattle coach’s embarrassing battle

But the game lost is lost, since a coach Bill Bailey in the patriot, in the past 18 seasons, season after season are counted, only three opponent offensive team got 500 yards, and most of the time is only 507 yards. Today, the chief’s attack team got 537 yards and set the record on a wide scale. 42 point drop points, also set a record Bailey chick era (after the three lost 41 points). It can be said that today’s game is the Patriots in the Bailey chick era, defense abuse may be the worst one.

Olive: the history of the cattle data a shame countless patriots debut

The Patriots swallowed the shame record

In today’s game is also very “Patriot”, since the 2001 season as Patriots quarterback Brady jerseys, the team has never been at the end of the three quarter lead home court case of losing (105 – 0). Today, at the end of the three quarter, the Patriots led by 27-21, and in the fourth quarter, the Emir was made three times.

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