New England Patriots fiasco analysis

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The lack of a long Brady misalignment moment collapse

With a few months are eagerly awaiting the football season finally kicks off, NFL. The Super Bowl 3-28 behind the back of the defending champion England, but appeared in the opener of fourth flash collapse, encountered the Kansas City Chiefs comeback. If the patriot’s worst defensive performance in years has been left out, the biggest impact on the Patriot offensive is Edelman’s absence.

How to fill the Edelman. For a short, experts and fans saying there are many, including:

1, Amendola said the reason is 15 years Amendola had Edelman’s lack of success, and the two was similar.
2, run, defend, fill a position say – patriots run, defend each can catch the ball, take turns to fill the corner, guard.
3, far-reaching threatened in Edelman before Weiss Wilk before, is not what the Patriot tank external, when some of them is Randy Moss of the great monster. Although there is no Moss, but we have Chris – Hogan + Cousteau brandin two far-reaching threat.
4, double tight end “reminiscent of the days before Hernandez did not make thing.

Billy Cheik and Macdaniels are the only ones who can play cards. This game we can see the patriot of these 4 methods are tried,nike nfl jerseys but when Marcus Kowski interviewed also said that the lack of Edelman need the whole group to complement attack.

Two. The same tactics, different formations

If you want to talk about losing influence Edelman to patriot, a premise first has to be noted that the Patriots offensive tactical system, one might think that the patriots have elite quarterback plus can play a high success rate of short and fast, so is the West Coast offense team, but in fact they are playing Erhard Perkins system. This is the system named after the patriot’s two offensive coordinator in 70s. Of course, this system is actually called Weiss – Biliqieke system is more appropriate, because it was Charlie Weiss in 2000 to return to the New England Patriots wholesale jerseys as offensive coordinator, and Biliqieke Ecuador – PA deployed together with contemporary attack, which makes the system really carry forward.

Three. From the opener, including Edelman, absence, Patriot does have a lot of worries.

The first is the irreplaceable nature of Edelman.

If you do not see the number, the average fan is difficult to distinguish between Amendola and edelman. But in fact to completely replace Edelman with Amendola, and Edelman was so simple as to replace wilkie. Hard indicators say, Edelman’s line running ability, the ball feel better than Amendola. Of course, these can be made by tactical design and choice. But what really irreplaceable, whether Kukes and Hogan, or Amendola, or catch the guard can not replace, but some soft things, such as strong hardness, such as the key moment performance. The super bowl, the catch, the patriot, nobody else.

The second is Brady’s aging

Not everyone is Bret faffe, 40 year old Brady still has a precise pass, long arms and no attenuation

However, from the opener of the performance, long sight Brady has been down there. This greatly reduced the threat with far-reaching effect for offset edelman.

The third is the utilization rate of Amendola

The slot itself is a position where there is more impact

And Amendola also has to be a back runner (this match is injured) and I’m afraid it’s hard to support the second half. If Amendola, tink play is difficult to play a role, because the Patriots ran the ball and not too can be used as the main weapon, there is a lack of time to control the weapons, the defense of their excessive pressure, resulting in the collapse of the fourth day.

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