NCAAF playoff situation analysis

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Atlantic Coast Conference

Two finalists in the playoffs: 4 teams

Comprehensive analysis: the Atlantic Coast League has only two teams with the chance to reach the playoffs. One is in the the Atlantic division of the Clemson University team led the tigers, and the other one is in the coastal division team unbeaten University of Miami hurricanes. The two teams will also meet in the finals of the league. In addition to the results of the loss to the Syracuse University orange team, the tigers’ regular career profile has been making an excellent impression on the selection committee. According to statistics, the tiger team this season schedule intensity ranked second in the United States, they have 7 games against the top 40 teams in the United States victory. On this data, the tiger team ranks first in the United states.

The unbeaten Miami hurricanes, if they can beat the University of Notre Dame, the Irish warriors and the Clemson University tigers in the rest of the season, will be locked in a year-end playoff seat. But if the University of Miami at the weekend lost to the Irish warriors, but in the League finals Barrick tigers, then the Atlantic Coast League playoff jerseys situation will become whirling, especially the Irish Warriors team is likely at that time is a team only won one.

Eleventh weeks of attention:

I. University of Notre Dame Irish fighter team vs hurricane University of Miami

Currently ranked in the United States: Irish Warriors: 3 hurricanes: 6

Current record: Irish Warriors: 8 wins and 1 losses hurricanes: 8 wins and 0 losses

Analysis: if the University of Miami win, they will be announced next week in the American University Football League playoffs three selection rankings in the final four. Since 1989, the hurricanes have never beaten the Irish soldiers. At the same time, if the University of Virginia Cavaliers this weekend lost to Luis Weil University of cardinals, then the hurricanes will lock the coastal division in the top spot.

II. of the Florida State University Seminoles team vs Clemson University tigers

At present, the United States ranked: the Seminole team: the tigers did not enter the ranking: 4

The current record: the Seminole team: 3 wins and 5 tigers: 8 wins and 1 losses

Analysis: from the cheap game jerseys in the past few years, the game will have become the the Atlantic Coast League the Atlantic division, the most exciting game. However, with the Seminole people unable to get up after a fall season, only need to prevent being upset to Clemson University. A victory doesn’t add up to the tigers’ regular career experience, but a defeat is enough to get the tigers out of the playoffs. Whether the tigers or wolves win, North Carolina State University team lose, Clemson University will be able to lock the top position in the Atlantic.

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