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Wilson played an innovative style, rolling gods?


NFL the new season is about to start, and let’s predict who will be the most valuable player in the NFL next season:

In 1, Tom Brady

The new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is currently the gaming website MVP the most popular candidate, the old man even lent to at the age of 30 is not much difference, Brady is currently the hottest player MVP is not an accident, but whether he can win the title of MVP? This is clearly a problem, Brady is 40 years old, the Patriots now rely more on the ground offensive to more easily enough Brady in the game, Brady will continue to ensure their stability, but after all, a hand of 5 champion ring quarterback for such personal honor is still clear.

2, Aaron – Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is certainly any season MVP candidates, with his last two seasons to Hail Mary as to the status of the use of conventional tactics, we dare not imagine what will make the performance of Rodgers next season, although Rodgers can put the packers into a Super Bowl competition the Rodgers team, but apart from the team may not have too much competition, like the beginning of last season. So, if the team can’t give Rodgers too much bonus, Rodgers still have some distance from MVP.

3, Russell – Wilson

Russell Wilson is perhaps the most likely this season, the winner of the MVP, you know this offseason, Russell wholesale nfl jerseys Wilson almost out of pocket without play, he’s crazy weight only for running faster, we have reason to believe that Werwilson will create a new style of play, if Werwilson can not attack in front of protection the case can still spread 4000+ code 30+ array, it is definitely the most valuable player, you will hear people talk about him: “so he can survive in this attack, can play such a performance, completely unbelievable.”

4, Matt Lane

Matt Ryan can won the MVP may still relatively small, although the offensive team Falcon compared nfl jerseys cheap with last season and has not changed much, I believe that Matt Ryan is still can continue their status and lead the falcons to obtain a good result, but in his last season in a phenomenon the performance, unless Ryan was able to last season beyond their own appearance, otherwise people will only play accustomed to his, and after the quarterback after a bitter defeat last season, in the regular season may not be so Xianshanloushui, then wait until the playoffs battles.

5 Ben Ben Rothlisberger

To tell the truth, when a team has ben Rothlisberger, Antonio Brown and Baer leviant, it’s hard not to care about the team, but the Steelers – Rothlisberger as the helmsman, he is in charge of a Steelers a season, the team may be united most likely to triumph over the Patriots team. Which houses the state and his health is very important. But according to the big year performance, Big Ben should be among the MVP candidates.

6 Dakota Price Kurt

The cowboy for six weeks in the absence of Isere combat – the case of Elliot, the Dakota – Prescott’s performance is crucial, but after all, last season Elliot share too much pressure for Price Kurt, but the Veteran General Prescott is slow and steady is his winning magic weapon, and the cowboy line for escort, as long as Price Kurt in the six game and continue to remain stable throughout the season, the MVP for him is not far away.

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