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100 thousand dollars earring falling to the bottom of the lake

Julio, Jones, searching for earrings on the surface of the lake

Many salvaged, Julio – Jones, 10W dollars earrings, sleeping lake bottom

The Atlanta falcons of the new season training camp will soon be open, but their star wide receiver Julio Jones may not be absorbed into the training, the reason is $100 thousand worth of earrings will sleep bottom.
It is reported that Julio – Jones driver their motor boat was in Georgia on Lake Lanier swim, suddenly a waves hit, ran into the nearby vessels, Jones lost his balance and fell into the water, were rescued after the discovery of his Earrings gone, but I have no matter. The heart of Jones himself still suffering from the shock $100 thousand diamond earrings, professional divers please salvage the water immediately, therefore also dig a $500 purse, half the time will soon be over, underwater salvage.

According to the divers said lost earrings may under 65 feet below the bottom, everywhere is the dead leaves, seems to have a good year, and the water was dark, under such conditions, to find the earrings almost impossible.
Falcon team training camp in the United States time to start this Thursday, until August 4th, the first preseason game against the dolphins in August 10th, now it is known to all, in the absence of any form of Quin there would be unlikely to succeed, so that Jones could not continue to do search and rescue their earrings. But after that, you can expect a gold rush in Lake Lanier”.

It’s hard to believe that this is Jones’s second this year and jewelry related losses, hope Jones can learn from and must be careful, keep your belongings, also lost money can be earned, but like the super bowl as “cooked duck can fly, will regret in life.

Joe Flacco back injury sidelined for 3 – 6 weeks

Barr Timo crow’s recent house double whammy, before the season is not started, the main team appeared on the series of injuries. The first is the tavern – Yang ligament season, followed by veteran tight end Denis – pita back injury. Not long ago, running back Kenneth Dixon knee meniscus tear, now a week can give him the ball Joe Flacco. Now the American media reports of injuries is now Public opinions are divergent. flao. The more reliable report is that he will be out of play for 3 – 6 weeks, and will be back at the start of the regular season.

Joe Flacco has been one of the league’s most consistent player, the only time he was injured in 2015, due to a torn ligament so that he missed the final 6 games of the season. Just last year with the team after the contract, is an important puzzle Renaissance team last season, Flacco state outbreak, ranked seventh in the league from 4317 yards. In return pending cases, Ryan Mallett will be in training camp to play the temporary one quarterback before malette in Houston played the ball, not in front of Obrien, after the switch to the crow team is strong but is throwing arm, is not very accurate, last season, played only a few times not much performance the opportunity, so the team is still dependent on a healthy Fraco.

It is reported that Fraco is a problem of the back spine, how exactly hurt, and temporarily there is no accurate statement. The back of the man is often fragile, and the injuries are complicated. Last season the two superstars were reimbursed for the season. One was the patriot’s near Dow G Ron koves Ki, and the other was Dezhou’s defense giant, J.J. watts nfl jerseys china. Crow will time in the United States on Thursday morning for the first time the team training, after training the coach John Harbert will speak to the media, when Joe Flacco injured details will slowly be disclosed.

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