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Mitchell Trubisky jersey

The second show will be starting, rhetoric opponents did not bring any pressure to oneself

The Chicago bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Truby Lipinski has been determined in the fifth week night game as a starting quarterback appearances, the show Bangyan will usher in the NFL regular season debut. For a start, Truby Pinsky did not feel strange, in the previous NFL in the preseason trube Pinsky has been able to get enough playing time, and the young people themselves think it doesn’t make him feel any pressure, he said he has been completely ready to play tennis.

“I’m ready, my high school quarterback coach once told me, he told me the pressure of things that Mitchell Trubisky jersey only when you are not ready to appear, so this is my feeling of pressure, when you don’t know what I should do or what not ready when you only feel the tension and pressure.”

“Learn how to cope with the competition is my task, once I step on the court, I would follow my years of instincts. I know, how to deal with the game, I have played a lot of years of football, so I will do my own, the pressure should not be everyone’s failure reason. So I’ll just go up, and enjoy the fun of the game.” The show Bangyan is very confident, in the original starting quarterback Mike getting because of poor performance and removed first, Khodorkovsky in trube team 1 wins and 3 negative results in time starting quarterback position, this is a great Mitchell Trubisky jersey pressure for any young people can have such confidence Trudeau Bisky can be said to be very good the hope that his game can do as you say.

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