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There was a Maybe after nfl jerseys single woman who had just moved home for sale factory supply you change. She found a widow and her two children living next door. One night, the area suddenly stopped electricity, the woman was very afraid, and lit a candle. After a while, I suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. It turned out that the next door neighbor’s child, saw him nervously asked: “aunt, do you have a candle at home? ”

The woman thought to herself, “oh my God, I’m so poor that I don’t even have candles! If I lend it to them, it will go on forever”. So she said to the child coldly, “no! ”

Just as she was ready to close the door when the backhand, poor child suddenly smiled, sweet smile with a hint of pride: “I knew you would not! Then he took out two candles from his arms and said, “Mom and I are afraid that you will live alone without a candle.”

The woman suddenly to shame, her tears and hugged the lovely children.

Two, pure heart

It was a long time in a town where there was no rain, jerseys nfl china for promotion so that the local crops were badly damaged, so the priest put everyone together to prepare a prayer meeting in the church to pray for rain.

There is a little girl, because the child is too small, almost no one could see her, but she also came to pray for rain.

But the pastor noticed what the little girl had brought, and excitedly pointed at her on the stage and said, “that little sister moved me very much!” So everyone looked in the direction of his finger.

Then the priest said, “let us pray today to pray for God to rain, but only one person in the hall with an umbrella!” We look carefully, sure enough, next to her seat is really hung a red umbrella.

The church gets quiet in the following years, is a burst of applause and tears of beauty.

Sometimes we have to say that children are not “small” at all, because they are full of confidence in what they do!

Three, treat other people’s heart

The day with her back to the husband fortunately got a ticket, the car found a woman sitting at our table. My husband motioned me to sit next to her seat, but did not ask the lady to give way. I looked carefully and found her right foot a little inconvenient, to understand why not ask her husband let out of the seat.

So he ran from Chiayi station to Taipei, from A to Z never to the lady said this is his seat, after the car, I told him the distressed husband said: “the way is good, but from Chiayi to Taipei for so long, can you ask her to seat back to midway, for you sit down.”

The husband said all style nfl jerseys : “people are not convenient for a lifetime, we are not convenient this three hours.” I heard her husband say, quite touched, have such a kind and good do not want good husband known, let me feel the world is gentle many.

The heart reads, the world may be different. In life, every thing, have the ability to turn, look at how we think, how to turn.

We will not succeed in three minutes, but it may take only a minute to make a difference.

“We do not necessarily because earn a lot of money and rich, but we can pay for the good and make the heart full.”

The good is the best!

The heart is good to love others, love everything. From human nature, people do evil things, always on tenterhooks, uneasy; people do good things, then the peace of mind, peace of mind. People who do evil, selfish, kill the thing, others may have been inevitable revenge. So the heart uneasy, there is always a record of revenge. A good heart, often with people, self sacrifice, will generally be good for others, at least not be evil. So my heart dependably, without anti human suffering. This is also a good heart to heart, mind the reason.

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