Losangeles rams beat Cowboys jerseys

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Losangeles rams beat Cowboys

The whole team was happy

The Losangeles rams were delighted this year, winning two of their first three games, beating the understaffed Indianapolis pony and 49 people in rebuilding San Francisco. This Sunday, they face a star studded “American team of the Dallas cowboys, the other is the top seed in your last year with the rams, it ushered in the real test, Todd GREE before the game also admitted that” the cowboy is like a mirror, will let us see ourselves.”

In front of the AT&T stadium rams eventually reverse the 35:30 mountains and seas are whistling, and grab a victory on the road, even after the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of the ram soldiers praised the “and they have a lot of talent, in my opinion, is to unite to help them victory.” In this game the rams showed a strong desire to win, the cheap team jerseys under the armed Yongming, behind the score tightly bite.

Last year’s champion Lang Jared – GF is the key to the team to win the ball so far GF quarterback average score is 112.2, 62.6 higher than last year nearly doubled, in the interview, GF gave credit to the team “I wake up every morning the first thing is that the people around have been fired, I think this is not only an excellent team, or a mature team, we have a good coach and some experienced players.”

Does the Losangeles rams have early on that day of the game they face an ignorant person, cowboys defensive Group advanced 412 yards, this season has 3 game scoring more than 30 points, while the 2016 season they only once. Although the rams are ranked No. 1 in the west of the league, the teams feel that they deserve the results and the rewards of their efforts. Even though the rams were a bit behind in the race, the second quarter gave three rounds and nearly let the game crash, but the rams insisted. Large Sami – Watkins was dead, foul penalty code number, a third conversion, in such adverse conditions, the rams began to spare no effort to catch up in the third section, and completely suppress opponents in the last section, complete reversal of the game.

“We played well in the first half and the second half, but I said in the dressing room at half-time that wholesale jerseys they were going to win and that’s what they wanted and deserved.” After the veteran linebacker Connor Babin said. In the first four games, the rams scored 142 points, more than 79 points in the same period last year.

The rams now record is 3-1, sound is not very familiar with, last year the rams also start 3-1, but then the team is like a roller coaster began to decline, in the final 12 games only won 1 games. But this year the 3-1 makes people feel different, the team can let people see the hope that everyone can see, the rams offense looks better, this is to their security.

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