Los Angeles Lightning new jerseys: Hope New Weather

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Move into the city of angels and look forward to the new weather

After a year of waiting, finally decided to leave the lightning have been in San Diego for 55 years, moved back to the historical origin of Losangeles lightning. The 2017 season will be the first NFL season of lightning in Losangeles after 1960. Due to capacity and policy in the first season, lightning return to Losangeles the home court only on the present MLS the United States occupation football Losangeles the Milky Way (Stubhub Center) of the home court house, the home court will be NFL32 teams in the smallestcapacity home court. When the new stadium on 2020 in Losangeles Airport near the Wood Inge completion, lightning and the city will jointly use the ram as their new stadium stadium.

Personnel turnover

Last season in San Diego last season, lightning surrendered 5 wins and 11 American League West bottom record. To this end, Los Angeles lightning jerseys new management dug last season in Bill as caretaker coach Lynn, as the team returned to Losangeles after the first season coach. And this trip to southern California, Lynn career for the first time as a formal coach position, after many years with Ryan’s Lynn, also estimated in Lane’s body learned a lot of it. Last season’s poor defence led to Pagano’s departure. The new coach of the defensive team is Bradley, the former Jaguar coach. In this wave of cleaning coach last season, the offensive team coach Whisenhunt was able to leave, because he surrendered the offensive team in the first year of San Diego’s performance is very good, the former coach of the Titans will continue in the new season issued password attack.


Lightning this offseason in the free agent market not much movement, offensive tackle OCON biggest action is in 4 years the price of 53 million signed in the offseason was cut off the mustang. OCON retrenched reason is not because of his competitive reasons, just because the contract he signed last season and the Mustang in the 22 million part of the 2017 season security started, horse general manager Alvey cut him only in order to save space wages. But with his excellent business acumen, he finally secured the big contract. You know, arcane still has no broker. Two other noteworthy sign is not too strong tonic action, signed running back Bana 53 in today’s list of the deadline is cut, and the other is to sign into the former Black Panther safetys Boston reinforced thickness.


As quarterback for one of the 04 year quarterback, Rivers’s career honors and effectiveness, the team’s height is certainly not as high as Rothlisberger and Eli Manning. But that does not prevent him from being one of the league’s top quarterback. You know, active in career touchdowns quarterback Bilifusi much number only 3 people, they are Bracey, Brady and Eli Manning.

Last season, the offensive team coach Whisenhunt to leave, is the hope of his passing system continues to play its due role, Rivers led the passer to continue to play the due level. Last season, Rivers gave up 21 career and single season steals data looks terrible, but last season and Los Angeles lightning new nfl jerseys outside groups in the Allen and Rivers love the most seriously injured after passing, veteran tight end Gates Green’s departure to the continuous injuries and the Steelers have a great relationship. But Allen’s injury is a blessing in disguise, making the 2015 season the unsuccessful rookie wide receiver Terrel Williams in the last season, the 2015 season Williams suddenly turned out, leaving only 90 yards, and last season suddenly become the number one foreign team took over the ball 1059 yards, and 7 touchdowns, is the 2016 season in addition to lightning Barbosa the most surprising discovery.

In addition, last season, Gates’s injury, so last year’s two round show, near end Henry also outstanding performance, 478 yards to catch, and in addition to as many as 8 reach. Both lightning and Rivers love the tactics of the double – ended forward, and remember that Gates is still one of the league’s most threatening close quarters. The new season, with the return of the wounded and McWilliams’s arrival, Rivers’s choice will be much more.

The total number of lightning lost alliance last season ranked 17, just above the league average, but a series of mistakes in the last minute of the game so that they lost too many games. The arrival of Bradley, may be lightning defense for a living law. The former coach of the Seahawks defensive group may put the defense system to use their own years of 4-3 system, and even increase the number of using raid. In addition Bradley also has a hedge can make the most of the teams are the envy of the alliance military Barbosa and Ingram. Finally, in the second defense, Bradley is likely to return to the cover3 zone before going, even if Hayward and Wereit is the executive marking strategy Excellent cornerback.

In today announced a list of 53 people, the team cut lightning beyond all expectations over the past two seasons playing the main hand, former U.S. National Youth goalkeeper Josh Lamb, and in 2006 moved to live in the country, from the age of 12 began to speak English Korean kicker Yang Huoku (Younghoe Koo). More interesting is all legs kick hits in the preseason Rambo try, which kick kick or 53 yards, and Yang Huoku in the preseason just 1 shot in 1.


The new season is a very difficult race, the league’s third difficult schedule. And they rested for ninth weeks.

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