Live dolphin VS saints at 21:30 on October 1st

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The London bowl Hit World War II

Beijing time on October 1st at 9:30 in the evening, NFL regular season second games this London bowl will be started in England at Wembley, by the Miami dolphins against the New Orleans saints. Watch the night in prime time broadcast NFL National Day holiday, the London Games for China fans is full of welfare, the dolphins just defeated the New York jets to the belly, and the saints on the round upset rout of the Panther, is going to win, two teams actually happen in a foreign country from it, then the Tencent sports will bring the game live video, here is looking for the game, we go!

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Two weeks before the saints team did not show their offensive strength, although their four quarterback Drew Bracey still sophistication, but with the Vikings and patriots in the contest made only three touchdowns. Fortunately, third weeks away in the face of the Panther, the saints broke out, scored 34 points and recorded 4 touchdowns rout of the Panther, so let us see the signs of the saints offensive group recovery. This season the team running back Mark Ingram will board a galaxy of talents, is number one, compared with last year, Ingram road rushed the ball number has declined, but he often took over as the embodiment of Bracey of the ball target. So far, Ingram hasn’t made it yet, but he has been able to contribute more than 71 yards to each game. It’s an important part of the team’s steady progress.

The saints were the only team this season to miss the ball transfer, but the figures didn’t help them much, or did they lose two games?. In the face of the dolphins, the offensive team the saints also usher in a major positive offseason because of drunk driving problem was suspended for three games and wide receiver Wiley Snyder will be lifted back, after leaving Bracey Cousteau brandin, also adapt to the new ball and weapons, Snead 15 games 72 times last year’s ball scored 895 yards with 4 touchdowns in the offseason Snead training camp “four fire”, whether it is flying with Michael Thomas in two, or slot systems are capable of harassment, Snyder, play dolphin, already hold a three game, ned to his upside down will cause great trouble to the other.

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A defeat to the league the weakest team New York jets, coach Adam Gus shouted the dolphins attack is rubbish, in an interview revealed that Gus will change team in the next game play, such as speeding up the tempo of attack. The team of Jarvis – Landry and Kenny – with Stiles two big Jay took over, and Ajay like star runs, two games a total of only 25 points is really let the fans stunned. The quarterback Jay Cutler in the first splendid situation, facing the defense jet is weak timidity, simply Panruoliangren, now this week with the saints the same weak defense, people may know who is the “real” Jay Cutler.


At present, the dolphins can be described as the first week broke the main line of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, guard Laurence Timmons due to absence without coaching match was suspended indefinitely, this week the dolphins and injured two generals, defensive end Jordan Phillips and Jay star Paowei Ajay did not participate in the week in the team training. Jay Ajay is very dependent on the dolphins offensive weapons, Ajay rushed out of the last 1272 yards (fourth in the League), including 3 games more than 200 yards, scored 8 touchdowns instantly among the alliance first-class list paowei. If he could not play, the dolphin attack would be tantamount to losing a leg and only relying on Cutler’s pass.

Two veteran veterans revisited

The dolphins is apart from the Jacksonville jaguars, the more than 3 team tournament in London for more than a decade, this is the fourth time to participate in the London Games, the past three games they scored 1 wins and 2 losses. 10 years ago the dolphins first participated in the London games against the New York giants, the past 10 years, two dolphins players in the game is still active in the NFL, one of the dolphins kicker John long – apatani, another was well received by the Miami people’s favorite receiver Ted – small gold, but ironically, the gold saints on Sunday put on the shirt against his old club. Now, revisiting the old haunt, I wonder if little Ted Kim’s eyes are full of his own shadow 10 years ago.

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