Lightning vs ram: who ups and downs?

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2016 Los Angeles Times

The whole network exclusively broadcast live NFL season, Losangeles lightning against Losangeles rams Losangeles Derby, let’s look at the game forward:

Jared – GF racing moments

First the Losangeles rams rams before pre-season has shown a completely different style last season, 2016 show champion Jared GF is a player we are looking forward to, and in the match against Oakland, Jared GF in the team determine the formation of various tactical situations, showing very good performance of 20 passes completed 16 times out of 160 yards and 1 touchdowns in the pocket, GF mobile become very flexible, and pocket pass has always been very calm, arm strength and accuracy are very good, many times to avoid hand transfer is very comfortable. It can be said that Jared – GF has shown the top class level. And this game, RAM will still send Jared – GF with the main line-up debut, when we can continue to appreciate the champion Lang wonderful play.

Ram fans

Not only that, after dealing with Bill, ram has been number one they want to take over Sami Watkins, playing preseason Sami Watkins has already completed a total of 2 appearances, scored the ball 8 yards in the game, Watkins’s performance is not completely from the data displayed by Watkins the foot is injured for a long time, the ram in the game is more sent Watkins and three rookie wide receiver Cooper khub stand on the same side, repeatedly challenged the opponent cornerback to create chances for the young white cloth, and took over in the preseason performance is also very good, he is likely to be a good the receiver; in addition to khub, ram as reinforcing the ball squad and selected in the two round of the near end Gerrard Everett in the preseason, excellent performance, no meaning We can still see the rookie forward’s debut.

The star and the rams running back Todd – Gary is one of the highlights of the team, playing before the season Saigeli finished 8 balls with 38 yards, Gayle to pre-season to continue running and better control of the rhythm of the game. The game should have made its debut.

Although another Donald superstar, Aaron, will not be in the preseason, the Losangeles rams are a nfl mlb nhl jerseys on sale bit more than expected.

The Losangeles lightning, one of the most anticipated rookie Cory Williams before the start of the preseason because of a back injury and determine the absence of the entire preseason schedule, even revealed in the latest news, Mike Williams might be absent because of injury throughout the 2017 season. But in any case, we certainly wouldn’t see such young players coming out in pre-season, which would be a loss to the audience.

But the lightning team’s star players should play to warm up, although the main quarterback Philip Rivers should not appear, but the star running back Malvin Gordon and Antonio Gates – tight end in accordance with the practice should be play a few files on the offensive, and last season’s overall pick Joey botha no accident will this play, several very famous star should increase the number of taste for the game.

But the preseason is just the preseason, but many teams will increase the number of characters in the struggle for the training of the nature of the game, although the stars shortage, but these players struggle, will let NFL preseason become very exciting.

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