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Unconsciously, we had a Kindergarten buy authentic happy spring festival nfl jerseys Parents message. With hope, with vision, we ushered in the new semester. The new semester, a new starting point, and it is a new beginning, we are faced with a new page. Many kindergartens will soon begin a new semester of life to express good wishes!

I hope every child can be happy, every day has a new progress. In order to faster and better guide their children to adapt to the new life, we integrate several suggestions for parents:

1, in a period of time before admission, their children together with memories of the past life of the kindergarten, teachers and friends together to recall the pleasant experience, caused a child yearning for an early return to the kindergarten, the children create a soothing, good psychological environment.

2, with the purpose of guiding children to live in the same age with their children around the game, communication. To further accumulate the child’s skills and experience with people, if the conditions, it is best to let the children go to kindergarten together.

3, to further strengthen the training of children’s self-care ability nfl jerseys Free Shipping: such as: eat, drink, toilet, etc.. As far as possible in accordance with the arrangement of the children’s living time of the kindergarten. Cultivate the habit of observing the rules of collective life. Easy for children to adapt to the collective life in the new semester.

4, admission to the teacher assigned parents living at home the holidays for children, help the teacher to communicate with their children.

5, the first few days of admission, parents can take the child a little earlier, (time can be arranged in the open door), () about the children in the kindergarten day to the teacher to pick up children, timely recognition of children’s progress.

6, every morning before admission, please check whether the child carry small pieces and hazardous goods, if yes, please give children that danger and stop carrying.

7, please do not give children toys and snacks.

8, parents must first overcome their anxiety emotion, gladly send their children to kindergarten, with a positive and optimistic mood and inspire children.

9, must insist every day to send their children to kindergarten, into the garden will be sent to the children immediately turned around to go, to believe that the teacher is a way to comfort the child. Generally a few days, up to two weeks, the child will be able to adapt to the basic life of kindergarten. If parents send off, the child will not adapt to the collective life long.

Kindergarten Parents message (two)

Parents and friends:

How do you do! Happy summer vacation in the past, with hope, with vision, we have ushered in a new starting point, the new term is a new beginning. We will be filled with enthusiasm into work, with love, patience and responsibility to embrace our little nfl jerseys factory supply angels, to the spirit of dedication and professional attitude and your parents and friends together to help children grow up healthy and happy.

In order to faster and better guide the children to adapt to the new semester of life, to stabilize the child’s mood, we hope that parents and friends at the beginning of the school can work with the kindergarten to do the following:

1, tell the child to go to kindergarten, and their friends can meet, play games together. In the kindergarten can play a lot of toys in the home, but also with teachers, children learn a lot of skills, will be able to do a good child.

2, change the law of life in the holidays, try to adjust the children’s work and rest time, so that the work schedule and the kindergarten to adapt. Develop good habits, the healthy growth of children’s body, play an important role.

3, enhance the children do their own thing self-confidence, kindergarten is a big child, eating, sleeping, their own toilet, pee, wear their own clothes, shoes and so on such things as far as possible to let their children do. Give affirmation, encouragement and praise to what children do.

To give you a better understanding of the situation of children in kindergarten, please timely attention to our website, we will arrange some courses and classes, and child related content uploaded to the website, (please consult the username and password to access the class teacher), please often concern. If you encounter some problems, in the education process of children if you have different opinions and suggestions to our education, or you want to share your education experience and we can email to the child in the class or principal mailbox in the mailbox. Let us work together to discuss and share with the progress of a better education for our children, let us build a bridge of love to communicate with the rainbow.

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