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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) hands the ball off to running back Kareem Hunt (27)

He had 3 touchdowns start failure

NFL opener concluded, to say more than 42 to 27 chiefs of the big win over the Patriots most fans could not believe, but the truth is the chief to fire the general offensive took cold fox fort to say, victory will have to mention the hero (Kareem Hunt), said that if the tailike – like a Hill the snake can in an instant enemy to death, then Hunter is a lion like his name (Hunt), hunting with ferocious offensive again and again to defeat the enemy.

Kareem Hunter graduated from the University of Yutuolaiduo, just a small partition of College football. As a freshman Kareem played a total of 12 games with 866 yards and 6 touchdowns in the second, but missed 3 games due to injury, only 10 appearances of the case, with amazing data for 1631 yards and 16 times. And in the GoDaddy bowl game in 2015, 271 yards to the ball, and scored 5 touchdown, tying the Barry Sanders record of the American college football league. However, in the evaluation of scouts, such negative evaluations were obtained: Kansas City Chiefs nfl gaem jerseys poor balance after physical contact, average explosive force, and lack of open field of view, it was difficult to reach higher levels.

Data gorgeous into history first people

As a rookie Hunter in the third round of the 86 overall by the Kansas chiefs win, the game started, with Hunter to open their own occupation career with a wonderful 8 yards, strong NFL player Hunter dropped the ball that this is not a college football. You know, Hunter lost his entire college career and only got one shot. While others were discussing whether the opening was a big blow to the new star, Hunter had already begun his wonderful performance. In the next several successful red ball after Kareem gradually regained confidence, first in before the end of the second quarter, 3 yards in the first location of the ball and complete individual touchdowns in the NFL region, the beginning of the fourth quarter after Kareem ushered in a real outbreak, the first pass is far-reaching catch Alex Smith completed 78 yards the ball up front, then attack the opportunity to move forward in a region, through tough run to three people in the double finish touchdowns, won the three to become the first person in history to punch the ball the ball 246 yards total number plus Sanda array, so the only Anquan Boldin 2 up to 217 yards array. The first show has 3 Billy, Sims and Marshall Faulk. Kareem – Hunter scored a total of 14 times for 148 yards rushing, 5 receptions for 98 yards, and scored 3 touchdowns.

Data gorgeous into history first people

After the game, Kareem also talked about losing the ball in the interview, Kareem Hunt jerseys oline he thought: “must forget this terrible performance, to return to the field to show their strength, and make up for this fault.”. At the same time, Justin Houston and other teammates to give comfort and encouragement. Think in the face of the 6 round of the 199 cis position and now won 5 Super Bowl champion Tom Brady made such a dazzling performance, perhaps this is the same fate under the great players over it, let us wait and see Kareem – Hunter will be to achieve.

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