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The chief gave up the strongest outside position

The chief gave up the strongest outside position

Kansas chief announced recently laid off, their wide receiver Jeremy Mclean, this time the layoffs let countless surprised, because Mclean is the best team Kansas chiefs took over, but in order to cap space for $10 million, the chief really hands.

At the start of the voluntary training camp in Kansas chiefs of the second week, Kansas City Chiefs jerseythe chief cut Mclean, because only $10 million off the vacated space for the Emirates in June 1st, before the chiefs cut, cut Mclean only $3 million 500 thousand in available space.

Mclean was surprised at the fact that he had been laid off by the team, and he was totally unwilling to believe the fact. “This crazy thing has happened.”.” Mclean wrote on his twitter. The Kansas chiefs were reluctant to make such a choice, but for the sake of the team’s operation, they finally made up their minds. “It’s almost no good losing any of the major players,” said Andy Reed, the head coach of the Emirates, which has always been tough.
“These people choose from no easy, especially to do such a thing to a player like Jeremy, I watched him grow up, when he learned of the matter, his way of dealing with accidents is very professional, this is NFL, I wish him good luck.” Andy – Reed said.

Mclean previously in 2015 with the Kansas City Chiefs signed a 5 year contract worth $55 million, then the chief to sign Mclean violation of league rules by the NBA penalty for the third round of the 2016 and 2017 seventh round draft pick. That season, Mclean finished 1088 yards and 8 touchdowns is the chief best receivers, 2016 chiefs tight end Javier Kelsey broke out, Mclean made only 773 yards and 4 touchdowns. After he was dismissed, the Emirates had $7 million 700 thousand to share with the other 11 players.

Crows near the front or retire

The United States Friday in Baltimore’s near end Denis Crow – pita hips hurt again, this is the Baltimore team crow second consecutive days of training in the injured players, and this is the third time in four years, pita injured his hip, but the most serious is that this time the sport injury is possible the end of the Denis pita, but for now, to treat his hip surgery need pita.

According to reliable sources of pita in training in the case without any contact trying Kansas City Chiefs jersey to complete a flying ball, it fell to the ground after he injured his hip. The general manager of the team of hip injuries, crow Niusang expressed frustration.

“This is really frustrating, whether or pita for our team.” Niusang said. Baltimore crow team luck is not very good, the United States Thursday they cornerback nanthavong – Yang cruciate ligament tear basically determined the season will miss the entire 2017 season, and this injury will affect the pita crow passing attack largely, if pita season pin, then the crow team is only Mike Wallace – the last season the team crow the ball more than 34 times the number of players.

When interviewed in May 25th, pita expressed his feeling is very good, but now he may choose to retire, because his hips may be difficult to continue to support his play, last season, he played 16 games 86 times the ball 729 yards with 2 touchdowns, he in effect six years crow a total of 2098 yards long, the ball scored 13 touchdowns, helping crow won the Super Bowl champion.

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