JJ- Watt nfl jerseys sale is confident and optimistic

By • Sep 29th, 2017 • Category: good sports jerseys news

Low performance doesn’t matter, and JJ- Watt thinks he’s still invincible

This is the first time w in the new season the first three games without contribution sacks, Watt’s career record is rookie season in five consecutive games 0 sacks, dating back to last season, the Dezhou assault hand has 4 consecutive games without sacks accounted for, at present, only one step away from Watts this is an embarrassing record. In spite of this, Watt himself does not seem to care much about the data.

On Sunday with the Titans team before the game, Watt said not to be troubled by, don’t care they have captured and killed, “now I want to knock down the quarterback has become more and more difficult, the data placed there, but I don’t care about it, it doesn’t make my performance fully reflected, every time I have to face each other at least two people stop, if we can at the end of the season the team finished 40 sacks and 20 ball conversion, even if my sack data is still zero, so what? Winning is the last word.”

“In my occupation career, I’ve got enough honor, so I don’t think too much, I want to do is to win the nfl game jerseys, if the opponent put all up with me, then I will give other good players to create opportunities, we have enough good players.”

In fact, the capture is a very unstable data, and sometimes defensive players on the relatively weak attack front, a game, a person can get three or four capture. Although one of Watts’s data is still 0, the confusion he made during the race is not small, especially for those who have pockets to protect. So far, Watt has led Dezhou’s defensive forward to 4 passes, made 14 quarterback pressure and 3 tackle shots, still the strongest defence team.
Last year, J.J. watt almost missed the season, and played only 3 games with a quick operation. People look forward to the new season he returned nfl jerseys sale with another defensive end – Jadwin clowney “double ghost pat door” trend. The 28 year old watt career has contributed 76 goals to kill, it can be said that NFL is currently the most dominant defensive player. Although for various reasons Watt has not presented his fatal blow, but he is still the quarterback harvester in this league feared “”.

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