Is football easy to shock?

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Experts reveal findings

In 2015, Willl Smith starred in the movie “shock effect”, the movie Ribennett Omaru is an American neurology doctor, he was the first American football player found high probability will be caused by chronic brain lesions occupation sake, they decided to study this. The athletes mentioned in the movie are prone to a chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) that causes the athlete to develop suicidal thoughts.

Dr Ann Maggie studied the brains of 202 dead rugby players and published a survey on Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical association. 111 of the 202 rugby players used to play in the NFL, including 110 NFL rugby players suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which results from repeated brain impacts. (another player was not tested because his family disagreed.)

CTE is a brain disease caused by multiple concussions that can lead to memory loss, depression, dementia, and the lack of clinical data that usually goes beyond the death of a player.

In the survey results published by Dr Maggie, 110 football players jerseys including: a line of 44 players, 20 people running back, defensive back, linebacker 17 people, 13 people, 7 people outside the 5 quarterback, took over, the proximal front 2, supporting players and punter each one.

Playing football is so easy, brain concussion experts have uncovered findings

According to the report, the players on the line are fighting each other throughout the field, and nearly every attack and defense hits each other with a helmet, and the possibility of a CTE is the highest. Followed by the running guard and the defensive guard. The team star quarterback, because of its attack on the brain’s position, often defensive team of special care, the game was also a lot of impact.

Another data is that in 202 samples of this study, 87% of rugby players suffer from CTE. Of course, Dr. Maggie also explained that the death rate was not 100 per cent accurate because of the fact that the deceased rugby team members believed that the deceased may have had a CTE and contacted the research team. About 1300 rugby players have died since the Boston University study began. Even with minimal odds, rugby players have a 9% chance of getting CTE.

As described in the concussion effect, NFL initially did not acknowledge the direct link between rugby and CTE. NFL official change occurred in 2015.

Prior to this, more than 5000 former rugby players had filed a class action suit against NFL jerseys wholesale, accusing the League of ignoring the health of its players. In June 2015, the federal court ruling on the case, to determine the need for each NFL retired in July 7, 2014 before the athletes, or at this point in time due to brain disease death athletes family, make up to $5 million in economic compensation.

NFL President Roger Godell said at the time that the alliance was studying how to reduce injuries. He said: “we will continue to adjust the rules of the game to make the game more secure.”.”

For all who love football players and fans, protect the player’s health security players retired to normal life, in order to solve the players can also let the fans enjoy the menace from the rear, to a more exciting game.

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