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Legendary quarterback loves this guy

Beijing time on November 6th morning, the New Orleans saints in the home court, the big score 30-10 win over visiting the Tampa Bay buccaneers. In the game, saints team in the NBA round this year, the third round of 67 selected rookie running guard Alvin – Kamala played the ruling class performance. The red ball 10 times out of 68 yards per rushing out 6.8 yards, catching 7 successful 6 times, get 84 yards, and one touchdown rushing out a touchdown catch, called the first victory after the hero, the mood of Kamala accepted an interview with the Tencent of sports.

The unstoppable Kamala crushed the pirates’ line of Defense

Although as the third show, but also can run can meet Kamala in the season of the saints in the role is quite important, but also after the team in the new season the first two games have been lost to the Vikings and defending champion patriots ate two successive defeats, a strong rebound in a wave pulled out one of five game winning streak. But after this game, I believe the rookie running back from University of Tennessee will become the object of the teams need to focus in the face of the saints.

At the beginning of today’s game, Kamala gave his opponent a headache with his all-round performance. Although as a running guard, but the guest to the outside catcher position Kamala once catch, get 16 yards yards, to help the home team early with 9-0 lead.

The first session was just warming up. From the second quarter of the game, Kamala began his first performance in his career. The second section completely belongs to the rookie wearing Jersey No. 41, Alvin – Kamala, the rookie and 55 seconds in the pirates’ Red Zone show Shadowstep end at a distance of half, non-stop flash turn maneuvers Akira Pirates of the defense team, just as into a place where there is no one. Camara to get rid of all defense, successfully entered the region, but in the end is some dizzy with success, put the ball away, this bad habit almost ruined the attack this wonderful. Fortunately, after watching the video referee determines that the ball up front, although no serious consequences, but I hope the rookie can learn from this false alarm, after all, before NFL and college football game, players put the ball away to celebrate the most touchdowns eventually lead to invalid situation is in line to enter the It is often seen. before.

Just in the first half, Kamala handed over 100 yards of the performance, 83 yards got by catching the ball. The runner has surpassed Meckel, Thomas, who has been in the League for ten years, to become Drew Bracey’s first passing goal. Compared with Thomas, Kamala’s advantage after catching the ball is more obvious, like a pair of scissors, straight into the heart of the pirates.

After intermission adjustment, method of Pirates still have not found any restrictions on Kamala, the second half, the ruling class Kamala still continues, almost destroy the Gula immortal, Kamala and his fellow running back Ingram and Meckel Thomas took over the pirate’s defence to shreds. A breakthrough in the second half of the pirates even directly away, shoulder injury announced quarterback Winston no longer returned to the field, it is tantamount to declaring the saints in the home court to celebrate the 6 game winning streak.

It is worth mentioning that the last day, when the New Orleans saints jersy with red ball to delay the time of the first attack, the role of Kamala in the league as the hottest Cowboys running back Elliot, perhaps in the future of the game, the saints can also be put to good use, to ensure a solid victory in their hands.

About Kamala, the story you have to know

Kamala’s parents are from Liberia, the two generation players are full of personality, nose nail and nose rings tell us his uninhibited personality. His uninhibited once when I was in college to give him trouble, high school will emerge as a four-star high school student, he was a college football overlord of Alabama selected. A seemingly easy occupation career but because of his unruly ruin: narrowly escaped because Duigui violation, just a year after he was expelled from alabama. But there is gold, Kamala at the community college still played with performance, and won the University of Alabama and belong to the southeast Sports League Elite University of Tennessee (Payton Manning’s alma mater) throws olive branch, and through the two season bright eye performance to get the NFL occupation contract.

But the players and personality of a consistently high cold different, the future star also has a very cheerful character, in an interview after the match he with a smile on her face, especially when he learned that his time in the game to be broadcast live online and national media NFL NETWORK, he is smiling. In the face of the media, he was honest that he had never been to New Orleans before being chosen by the New Orleans saints jersey, even though he was born in Georgia, not far from Louisiana. But as soon as he arrived in New Orleans, he got hooked on the food, the exotic places, and the passionate fans here.

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