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This is Tom Brady first came to Chinese, four months ago, he personally directed a Super Bowl history the greatest comeback, won Fifth American League football occupation (NFL) finals champion. Such a great reversal, even if the Chinese fans across the sea, in retrospect will be blood spray.

Even if have seen many times, but the host still could not help but sighed, “in the world is able to complete such a reversal, only Tom brady!”

The picture on the screen again highlights the super bowl and playback, sitting in the studio of the Tencent Tom Brady was seriously staring at the screen, at four months ago, eyes firm, but his face calm no waves. It is said that, after shaking reversal, Brady will soon return to the ski pants + shoes home state.

In the video the Brady kept running, fall, climb up, even after 25 minutes…… no one will believe, the game in the best of 12, is 39 years old.
Rather than 39 year old Brady making a miracle, Brady himself is a miracle.

“If we do it again, we’ll win the game.””

Time back to four months ago in the United States, with the United States Spring Festival Gala called “super bowl” scene, one of the most incredible, the most wonderful “super bowl”, the new England patriots staged an incredible reversal. At most 25 points behind, Aigo paratelum counterattack equaliser through the history of the first overtime to complete reversal of lore, ultimately, to 34-28 comeback victory over the Atlanta falcons, won fifth Super Bowl champion.

Director of all this, just in front of this a casual clothes gentleman.

To win the game, stands Brady’s wife Giselle Bundchen jumped when broadcast shots came to her, too excited about her broken mobile phone, it is said that she just social media sent a message.
“Even if this happens again, we know that we have the confidence to win the final victory.”.” Such confidence, only the strong have the brady.

Our big screen is playing the fifty-first super bowl, and after 4 months, when you watch this game as an onlooker, do you still feel the game is incredible?

Brady: I still feel the excitement at that time. It was an incredible game, and the course of the match was so shocking at the end. It was a great reversal that I could not forget. I was lucky to be on a team with so many persistent and determined players, and finally we won the super bowl, and we fought for it. I’m lucky that our team has won the final game.

We ourselves know that we are not doing the best we can, but we do not doubt ourselves. We only know that we need to do better. We’ll have to play like that, and the ending will be ugly. We seized the opportunity, scored a few points, and more importantly, we felt the impetus. When we felt the momentum and the situation changed, we finally won in overtime. The match was unbelievable. But I hope I won’t play this kind of game again, and don’t lag behind so many points. Even if this happens again, we know that we have the confidence to win the final victory.

Sports news: when the game is 3-28 behind, your team’s faith in victory has never wavered?

Brady: I thought we couldn’t play worse. We played so badly that we couldn’t be any worse! If you want to win the game, you have to have a very good plan. If the game is not going well, you have to adjust your strategy. The other team played very well, so we had to adjust our tactics. Fortunately, there were four games in total, and in the second quarter we were terrible and let the other team finish so that we were 3-28 behind. From then on, we began to perform well, through a lot of effort, played a lot of beautiful turns, eventually we caught up with them, and we finally reversed. It was a great game.

Sports news: in the past season, you have gone through numerous difficulties, numerous twists and turns, and finally won the championship. In your 5 championship, is this one the sweetest?

Brady: Yes, the champion is really hard to measure. For a few years, we think we have a good chance to win the championship, but there are still some teams who won the title without the title. We played well this season, and in the last half and half of the season, the team was on the right track and we were in the playoffs. Fortunately, we won the three game of the playoffs. We have done so much, and this spirit of perseverance has made me proud. The dedication of all of us, the spirit of teamwork, and the success of our team, for a long time, we will pursue that honor.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady #12 "Next Jordan": hit 45 years old

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady #12 “Next Jordan”: hit 45 years old

Go down the field, Brady ran through the crowd kiss his wife Giselle Bundchen, daughter fell on his shoulders look to the side. After winning, Brady a this picture was the major sports website published in the headlines.
According to Forbes’s global celebrity list, Brady and his wife ranked second behind the Beyonce and Jay Z couples in the 74 million 500 thousand highest paid couple in the world. The happiness of a family of four, 5 Super Bowl champion ring quarterback, love, career, family, Brady’s success is all aspects, but he did not give up chasing.

Now he has a new dream – to be the next Jordan. In North American sports history, in addition to Michael – Jordan, has no other player capable of playing at the age of 45, 46 and 47 years old or more, Brady’s dream is to become the people break the myth of Jordan.

Sports news: some time ago, you announced your goal is to become “the next Jordan”, we know that Jordan’s greatness lies not only in numerous honors, but on his NBA and basketball movement spread to the whole world. So, is it your next biggest goal to make NFL and American football a more popular sport around the world?

Brady: when I was a kid, Jordan was the myth of a professional league. He was the greatest, not only the great basketball player, but also the greatest athlete in our country’s history.

If that’s the case, it’s a great honor for me, but in many ways, I still don’t think I’ve reached that level. I’m still learning, growing, striving for more honor. Now my age is a bit big compared to the beginning, but I think there are a lot of places to improve. I like to play football, I like to contribute to the team, and I hope I can go on like this.

Sports news: because of you, I think China will feel more and more people fall in love with football. In the morning, you went to the Great Wall. You saw a lot of Chinese fans. Are you surprised you have so many fans in China?
Brady: (today) the morning trip was wonderful. I feel very excited and lucky to be on the Great Wall, one of the landmarks of Chinese culture. Actually, I’ve heard that the Great Wall has been around for a long time, but I never had the chance to experience it in china. On my first night in Beijing, I climbed the Great Wall with my eldest son, an unforgettable experience in my life. There are so many places to appreciate and visit in China, the Great Wall is one of them. As far as I have visited, I have been deeply shocked by these cultural customs, and will be more exciting.

Sports news: next time you come to your wife Giselle Bundchen has?

Brady: of course, she had come, before I came to this topic we talk together. Her first impression here is also very good. I like it very much. I’ve always wanted to come to china. It was a long way across the earth. But we have only one life, and if we have the opportunity to understand the different cultures of the planet, we should try. Whether it’s Asia or the rest of the world. I’ve been to Africa, South America, and in some places I still have contact. And this experience in China, I feel very good, I will definitely bring my family here again.

Sports news: the experience of the offseason and draft, the outside world have praised the Patriots now almost no weakness, do you think that the new season is the strongest team patriot you met?

Brady: I don’t know. We still have a long way to go. I think people who make such predictions and conclusions are unfair to us and to the rest of the team. The other team is better in hope, but the reality is that some of the team’s strength will decline indeed, but some are better, and these after the season really began to see the outcome. We haven’t had a training session yet, and we haven’t even met together to have a meeting. We must wait for each link and the parts are combined, and then to see how the team can grow from now at the end of the year there is a long way, that is a really great team began to force the time in my opinion.

Sports news: how old do you want to be? Your coach says you can make it for another 6-7 years. Can you really?

Brady: that’s a good question, about 45 years old Well, that’s a good age. I want to hit that time. I feel 45 years old is still very reasonable. They put some pressure on me, ha ha, I feel more than 40 years old should be no problem, if I can continue to play then, I feel good, maybe I will continue to play, and I hope so.

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