Indianapolis Pony: exchange for rebirth

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Year after year, after Payton Manning left Indianapolis, but some of the sky dark and dark just fine, but they find the selection of Andrew the son of Lakshmi, but now the team struggled together and clark. Next, we started the AFC South powerhouse Indianapolis team’s Pony parade!

1, personnel changes

Andrew lark

After the Indianapolis pony decided to give up Payton Manning, the 2012 champion Andrew show – Iraq indeed gave the team a lot of confidence, but the team’s problem is that he is a good quarterback, three years before he entered the league in the occupation bowl, and led the team to the playoffs, and even become a pass Mawang and Midland led reached the final in 2014, but is now completely pony was not able to support Iraq. The past Zhuangyuanlang in high and vigorous spirits, now only with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. Not only that, the horse’s defensive team decline is obvious, once the defense general Dequel – Jackson, Mike – Evans are old heartbreaking.
The biggest change in management was the departure of former general manager Ryan Grieg, who signed the chief executive of the former chief executive after leaving the 4 year old mediocre Manager

2 star players

The Indianapolis Colts have different stars that feel, now the Colts in star finger snapping is redundant.

Star quarterback Andrew – La

Have to mention is the Mesozoic outstanding quarterback Andrew Rucker, the graduate of Stanford University in the first three seasons into the NFL League after the lead pony achieved 11 wins and 5 negative results for the Indianapolis fans sometimes forget Manning left pain, 2012 single season 4373 yard season, came 23 touchdowns, rookie the season can have such a play, helping the team make the playoffs success “; after the two season,” steady progress, came in 2013 3822 yards with 23 touchdowns and led the Colts in the second round of the playoffs; in 2014, Clark hit career peak level, 4761 yards and 40 touchdowns, has led the team and patriots United final realignment. After two seasons, he Luck some loss in 2015 due to rupture of kidney with the season, the 2016 season in an awkward line can still be completed after 4240 yards passing and 31 touchdowns, passing success rate reached a career high 63.5%, but was captured and killed 41 opponents flat career record, his contribution his best, but the overall strength, can only make the team for second consecutive years to 8 wins and 8 losses early. The 27 year old is still the most hopeful player of the times to grow into an elite quarterback china nfl jerseys.

Now, good partner TY- Hilton is now the Indianapolis Colts best pass, he is also the best in the League over one of Hilton, she is not tall, always can take advantage of the flexibility and speed to the opponent caused great distress, last season he was a total of 156 times as La pass, almost half of the number of passes. Hilton managed to catch 91 times and scored 1448 yards, the ball size is 15.9 yards, completed a touchdown. Hilton is the NFL League last season and the ball Mawang, he was selected for three consecutive years of the occupation bowl.


6. Forecast

Next we look at this season the Indianapolis Colts opponent, in general, the pony race is not easy, but full of surprise, they found the same area in addition to the opponent, but also on the American League and National League West and North buffalo Bill, Denver Broncos defensive strength of these tough team. Here’s the pony race for the 2017 season (American time).

September 10th away against Losangeles rams

In September 17th the home court against the Arizona Cardinals

September 24th home against Cleveland Brown

In October 1st, the Seattle Seahawks away

October 8th home against San Francisco 49er nfl jerseys online

October 16th away against Tennessee Titans

October 22nd home against Jacksonville Jaguars

October 29th vs. Cincinnati, mon tiger

November 5th away against Houston, Dezhou

In November 12th the home court against Pittsburgh Steelers

November 26th home against Tennessee Titans

December 3rd away against Jacksonville Jaguars

December 10th, away against Buffalo, Bill

December 14th home against Denver Mustang

December 23rd game against Baltimore crow

December 31st home against Houston, Dezhou

It is very interesting, the main attack Indianapolis Colts this season almost met were all good defensive team, but in recent years, Ma and are not afraid to these opponents, but is in the stage of reinforcing colt but 50% winrate, boldly predicted 2017 season Indianapolis Colts still 7 wins 9 negative.

The above is a detailed description of the Indianapolis pony, and the actual situation is to wait until after the beginning of the new season to find out.

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