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The same area will be bloody enemy

Beijing time on October 17th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL sixth weeks of the last game of the regular season will be started in Nashville’s NISSAN stadium, Tennessee Titans in home court against Indianapolis colts, two teams have made since the start of the 2-3 record, the Colts defeated two teams Brown and 49 people now add up to 10 defeats, and Titans has suffered two defeats, kill dolphins are demoralized last week, and the team is the most troublesome quarterback Marcus – Mario Tabern weeks can debut is unknown, the two teams will impact what kind of spark, then the Tencent sports will bring the game live video, here is looking for the game, we look at it together!

Indianapolis Colts jerseys

The Colts quarterback Andrew Clark was injured, the team before the game losing streak after two rounds will immediately replace the quarterback, Kobe Jia Bulisaite centralizer. Blissett in the offseason last day has just joined the pony, he played last season in the patriots would show amazing talent. Although with the understanding of the extent of his teammates also need time to polish, but the young black quarterback game showed a general style, the ability to move at the foot of practice so far this season have been out of reach the acme of perfection, three touchdowns.

The Colts could have scored more or less difficult to win the game, but the second half they always crash, four and the Seattle Seahawks game jerseys that at the end of the first half, they also took a 15:10 lead, then the second half of the Seahawks scored 36 points, the game will take. The defense coach Ted Monaqinuo also admitted that their team in the second half performance so that he is Speechless, if can pony tails in the second half, perhaps there is a battle force at titan.

Tennessee Titans jersey

You may not believe it, the last time the Titans went on Monday night went back to 2014. Since the start of the remarkable performance, but since the fourth and the people of Dezhou and the game quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita injured, the team has lost two games this week can play Mario tower is still in doubt, but coach Mike Muraki this week released a positive signal, said Mario Kobita recovering well, is expected to return in this week night game collection. But we still have to make the worst, if the Mario tower can not play, then Matt Cassell had to bite the bullet and continue to play, but the backup quarterback last week just 93 yards out of the face of the dolphin, looks great. In addition, the team’s main outside take over Cory – Davies this week did not appear in the training field, will be definitely absent, which is bad news for them.

The Tennessee Titans season was the brightest brick house good, speculation will replace the Dezhou people boarded the South with the top spot in the throne, but since the start of the Titan team encountered a variety of problems, 2 wins and 3 negative results is not the real strengths, in this war and the younger brother with small home court he must not be lost, Beijing time on October 17th at 8:30 in the morning, and you Be There Or Be Square sports!

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