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The pony team has no quarterback

Perhaps most fans think the rams in Losangeles Memorial Stadium against visiting the Indiana colts, but few fans will predict Indiana people did not find any chance here. At 9:46 the great difference is not only reflected the strength of the gap between the two teams at present, also sounded the alarm for the chaos of the Colts team itself.

9 to 46 humiliating defeat

Unfortunately, Colts coach Chuck Pajianuo today announced that the team’s top quarterback Andrew, still can not play in Beijing next Monday against the Arizona Cardinals in the game, this also means that the Pajianuo must be within the week and decided to continue to use Scott – tor Czin as the team’s starting quarterback. With the former New England Patriots quarterback Kobe Jia bulisaite.

Thor had a race moment

In the past few months, the Colts have been unable to accurately report the team’s top quarterback Andrew Clark’s comeback date. After last week’s seventeenth – week game, the team underwent a right shoulder operation in January this year and was never removed from the list on September 2nd. However, it is still unknown whether he will start training with the team this week.

Careful analysis of Qi and Thor Bulisaite two players. The former in the opening match by opponents two Indianapolis Colts jerseys times, and nearly send out a single game third times. The whole game, Thor Czin data for 18 passes 9 attempts for 128 yards, 2 interceptions and 4 was killed. 3 of 2 passes successfully and his rival Blissett in his limited time, 51 yards, and the Colts that match only one touchdown. However, let Bulisaite as first team also need to bear the risk. The Super Bowl winner in September 2nd just came from Foxborough, did not have enough time to run in with the team.

Bulisaite game moment

As for the starting quarterback for the second week, coach Patiano said: “we will discuss this issue today and tomorrow when we make a plan for the game.”. A player who can bring the greatest benefits to the team, who can make our attacks work and score points, will be our choice. For Bulisaite, in such a short period of time, fully understand our system is not possible. It’s a big challenge for any quarterback who plays for any team. ”

NFL regular season hot start, in the first week of the game with the Jacksonville Jaguars to 29 absolute advantage than the 7 in the Houston Dezhou team home court, did not give the people of Dezhou are experiencing a typhoon disaster. To say that the biggest hero has to mention this year’s rookie running guard Leonard – Faure Nate. He graduated from Louisiana state university running back in the first round of the 4 high CIS cis position by the Jacksonville Jaguars selected one, and put words in the preseason for the first week after the game: the speed and strength of NFL players is just so so. Is the technical talent is bold, Faure Nate in the high school was named the first man in America, just entering college also has been speculation that Adrian Peterson’s successor, the 12 game 300 red ball with 1953 yards and 22 touchdowns in the third national data in the University for second years, and a record of Louisiana state University history. In the past 31 years, although Faure Nate only 7 games because Indianapolis Colts jerseys of injury, but the outside world is a good for him, because this reduces the running as a defensive Faure Nate during college consumption.

After the Jaguars head coach is Faure Nate words boast: “I think he ran against him in the great, after the performance, the accuracy of the route are great, as I have mentioned, I think he is very tough running back, he is the kind of let the magic happens in get the ball. That is to take the game to another level of people.”

As a strong running guard, Jaguar fans may be unstable in Boulter, and they can put their hopes on Leonard Faure Nate. One of the season Elliott has a cowboy on Gemini 1631 yards rushing yards in rushing rookie standings third, let us wait and see Faure Nate the height of what can be achieved in this season.

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