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He will be able to keep Kobe’s position in Losangeles in the future

The dark horse of the season Yiqijuechen Losangeles rams had the last laugh, after Nashville beat Tennessee Titans to 27-23, the rams got the National League West Division title into my arms. This game shine star, is the first rams running back Todd Gly, the University of Georgia’s 2015 ten show the match finished the ball 158 yards, 118 yards rushing, and two receptions for touchdowns, after the game was called ESPN monster performance.

However, over the Nashville Nissan arena is not only the shadow of clouds, and Todd Karli, whenever the first line number 30 of the ball he crossed the Titans, the Titans all the fans gasped, all deeply realized being dominated by fear. Even the media Gallery informed Nashville local reporter, again to see the koal hurdle leap Titan defensive player holds, or send out a voice of praise, when you see the Karli break the line, such as in a place jerseys china where there is no one like continuous change, the defenders are behind Titans Yiqijuechen reached the end when all people are deeply impressed by the amazing performance for his.

The game always maintain a high degree of attention to Gly, more like a cold-blooded killer, with their speed playing rivals in the palm, as long as a slight gap can yijianfenghou. But after the game, Gly, alive and kicking like a little child. After the match, Titan and Smith exchanged their jerseys. The two players spent high school time in North Carolina, though they were also old rivals as new members of the league. Gly was hard to take off the shirt in the breastplate and help people around, and then help Smith off, then lie down on the ground for each other in the Jersey to sign the name, date and message, the whole process without any superstar shelf, only can feel his sincerity is.

After wearing the Jersey, gleal only had his sweaty body fitted sports underwear. However, before returning to the warm dressing room, he needed to stand in the cold wind and take an exclusive interview with Losangeles local sports TV network. Maybe it’s afraid of the crucial attack of the core cold. The uncle carrying the camera simply took off his cotton jacket and put it on Gly. The beast on the field showed embarrassed smile at this time. The smile interviewed Gly, people did not feel a hot ball when murderous.

This is the way the professional alliance is, and it has always been a hero for success or failure. When you play the best performance in a game, after the game will certainly have a vast number of reporters to you crowded around, too busy to attend to all problems. cheap nfl jerseys , There are many players at this time, they will show their patience, but Gly is not. You can always see his sincerity from his smile, and the humble value of a young player.

Although Gly in the face of the lens to compete for MVP showing extreme desire, but Gly’s teammate, quarterback GF at a press conference at the scene said that his good friend once, “if the league only a running back can award, then he (Gly) deserved, although in the League there are many strong people in the fight for the title, but I must vote for his vote.”

When the reporter to complete this article, made a wonderful film for ESPN today is excellent in the performance of Gly, entitled “with a monster like performance chasing alliance MVP”, despite the publicity canvassing the suspect, but looks exciting. Gly strong dominance at a glance, if to continue this explosive performance, than a small 13 year old Gly Brady, if really completed the final moment of overtaking, picked this season NFL MVP regular season title, also need not feel too strange.

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